D6-D Access Control Card Reader

The D6-D access control card reader is a 125KHz non-contact Wiegand ID card reader. It is compatible with 64bits Read-Only uem4100 with advanced RF receiving circuit design and embedded microcontroller combined with efficient decoding algorithm.

The receiving of the ID card (EM card) has the characteristics of high receiving sensitivity, small operating current, single DC power supply, low price and high performance.

The dust-proof, moisture-proof and fully sealed design makes it easy to install in outdoor and other harsh conditions, without mechanical wear and durability. Widely used in access control management, personnel management, parking management, etc.

Product Details
Type: Access control card reader
Part Number: D6-D
Frequency: 125KHz
Reading Range: 0-8 cm
Suitable for: EM4100 EM4200 ID Card
Power: 5V(W)
Responding time: 0.2s
Working Temperature: -20~70 degree
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