Nowadays, card style design become more important, when the opportunity comes, having a business card in hand is still the best way to promote your business. An excellent business card can improve your first impression and leave a deep memory at the same time. Therefore, it is crucial to use high-quality design to attract customers. Therefore, reading this article can let you know more about the world trend. If you have the type of business card you want to customize, of course you can click the link to get in touch with us!

We have researched some of the beauty business card trends in 2023 for you to help you make the most of every business transaction, and we will also provide valuable reference suggestions to choose and customize the most suitable card for you!

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Inclusive Design

Accessible business cards are the one-of-a-kind business cards that speak your mind and will help you win over your clients and carve out a more accessible future!

Inclusive design
Inclusive design-braille card


Visual impairment is one of the top ten obstacles in the United States. According to the survey, a total of 12 million adults suffer from visual impairment. Add Braille on your business card as your contact information, express your sincerity in small details, and let visually impaired customers Easier access to your business. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll be entering an underserved market!

Color blindness or slight color-blindness

Accessibility isn’t limited to Braille, there are many color combinations that can be difficult to read for colorblind people, so choose your color palette carefully. At the same time, for people with color weakness, they are not sensitive to the distinction between dark and light colors. In 2023, taking bold colors is a design trend. Rely on bright and high-contrast colors to highlight the main content and show the brand personality.

Here are the color combinations people with colorblindness and color weakness should avoid: green and red, green and brown, blue and purple, green and blue – and you can also use a color chart to make sure your color choices are within the legible range.

Short sight

Choose a larger font to meet the needs of myopic people. Although small text looks more modern and simple, clear and easy to read is the essence of conveying information.

Used Safety Materials

Safety materials, also known as sustainable materials, until 2023, the sustainable development  issue will be resolved as a global problem, and each country will contribute to the sustainable industry. Already, the majority of the most popular pieces have been pushed into the city at the end, so why not use recycled paper or other durable materials? It seems that there is a suitable business, and at the same time, there is a sense of pending design, and it is possible to continue to use it.

This kind of business is very easy to see, sustainable development is on the verge of being the hottest concept in the world.

Another way to make sustainable business cards is to use seed paper. It’s infused with plant seeds and can be thrown into the garden box or compost bin for planting or to enrich soil. It’s perfect for trades like landscaping, botany, florists, or any business dedicated to creating a better tomorrow.


Break from convention and give your business card something new. Add a personal touch, such as your handwritten signature or notes. Extend the life of your business cards by making them more useful to potential customers. They also serve as a reminder of your business and the solutions you offer!

Recently, a kind of NFC ring is popular in South Korea, which also has the function of displaying business cards; this special business card not only has a long service life, but also can impress customers deeply.

Imagine a rectangular multitool for your handyman business, or a small cheat sheet for your tutor or teacher. Business cards can also be turned into coasters to promote your catering business! Once you find that your business card fits your little convenience, the possibilities are endless.

A piece of Material that Gives a Sense of Texture

This style is modern and sleek, perfect for minimalist designs with impact. Embossing is ideal for most industries, but is best for creative brands who like to experiment outside the box.


Special Material

Who said business cards have to be on paper? 2023 business card trends lean toward experimental materials like fabric, wood, and even edibles!

special material
special material – wooden card

edible business cards

From pasta to cookies, we’ve seen experiments with edible business cards. This trend is specific to the food industry, and it gives people an enticing incentive to take your business card. It also allows you to have a positive experience right from the start!

Wood card and textile

2023 name for actual materials such as timber and textiles. It has a long service life, and it is a good way to attract potential customers.

Compared with other cards, wooden cards have a sense of design and retention value. In terms of durability, its performance far exceeds that of paper cards. Not only that, but it is also a good environmental protection material with sustainability. At the same time, due to its unique texture, the retention rate is also very good.

If you are an old fashioned or antique store designer, You may very much need wooden cards as your best way of presentation, click on the link to learn more about the craft of making wooden cards.

Postcards with the Full sense of Design

If you’re a freelancer or a creative, it’s even more important to choose a beauty business card that clients will notice right away, usually with a friendly and personal touch.

card style design
card style design-full sense of design

Instead of a traditional layout, there is a small note indicating who they are, what they do and how they can help. It adds a human touch to the web, making it more natural and relevant.

After all, as a people fighting alone, they need to be unique and eye-catching in details-this will be the best help for you to win. Here are some suggestions for designing cards with saturated colors:

bold color combinations

This business card trend highlights eye-catching color combinations like electric blue and mint, or metallic shades with neon modern fonts.

metal font

For those who are more adventurous, metallic shades of pink, silver and gold are on trend. Bold backgrounds and unapologetic typography, all designed to overwhelm the senses in the best possible way!

Neon edges and gradients

The neon fringe makes a comeback, creating a glowing levitation effect. With a minimalist design, it achieves the perfect balance of modernity and simplicity.

High-contrast gradients of red and blue or orange and teal are used as a bold corporate approach that goes against the norm. They have a calm and mysterious appearance that makes them irresistible.

Combine Art with Function

Have you ever received a card that was too pretty to throw away? That’s what the “art meets function” business card trend is aiming for. It’s about creating a design that embodies your brand while appealing to our senses and curiosity.

Combine art with function
Combine art with function

Business card trends for 2023 take an out-of-the-box approach for competing businesses like advertising, design, and copywriting.

Holographic foil

Alternative materials such as holographic foils are used to attract eyeballs and attention. Unconventional color gradients surprise and intrigue. It’s all about making a memorable first impression and standing out from a sea of traditional designs!

manual illustration

Handcrafted illustrations and artwork are an important business card trend in the design, art or photography industry. Turn your business card into a handmade piece of art, or personalize it by drawing the content yourself. It adds a unique personal touch that is extremely attractive.

Use Retro Fonts

Vintage designs are fun, nostalgic and full of character. Give your business cards a playful look with a lively 70s font and a retro 90s color palette.

retro font

This business card trend is a direct result of website design trends, rooted in tradition and an industry that likes to look to the past for inspiration. Retro typography and muted pastel colors are taking hold as entrepreneurs add nostalgic appeal to their brands.

bold retro colors

Get inspired by the old-school vibes of a disco night with funky color palettes and serif fonts. Use these elements to trigger nostalgia and captivate your potential clients.

Retro Gradients and Blurs

Ditch your comfort zone and add a vintage gradient of purple and red, or a tie-dye pattern in neon hues. Gradients and blurs add a psychedelic effect to your branding and transport your clients into a pre-digital age of carefree expression and ambiguity.

Conclusion about the Card Style Design

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