Adopting new technologies like RFID among various industries is a new sensation that has changed the way customers and businesses interact. The use of custom RFID door key fobs is the perfect example of such advanced RFID technology. These are the same RFID smart cards considered smart keys, but they are much more compact, practical, and robust. In addition, they are extremely durable and robust against external influences.

Custom RFID Door Key Fobs

What are RFID Door Key Fobs?

An RFID key fob is a small electronic device that leverages radio frequencies to send a coded signal to a receiver device. Door key fobs help you make contactless access and avoid using a regular key to unlock the device, as with manual locks. Incorporating such advanced RFID technology into your business infrastructure allows your guests or hotel staff to access areas where only authorized persons can enter.

Reputed manufacturers and suppliers offer custom RFID door key fobs where hospitality businesses have complete freedom to tailor these kinds of stuff, including their logo, custom designs, and colors in endless possibilities.

Working Process of Commercial Key Fobs

A microchip and an antenna are the two essential components of Door key fobs. In the working process, the microchip stores the person’s unique identity while the antenna initiates wireless communication with the reader. When the user brings it close to the reader, the reader will match the user ID and allow the permission to access the premises.

The reader, which is connected to the control system, gets the signal from the door key fobs antenna and verifies the user ID in its database. If the code matches the user’s store ID, the reader gets instant permission to perform the desired function. However, it not only enhances the level of security of the canteen but also boosts your workers’ experience when they use advanced technology.

Some Popular Application Areas to Use RFID Door Key Fobs

Leisure complexes, gyms, canteens, clubs, ticketing, amusement parks, time tracking, and access control are some common and popular applications where commercial key fobs are massively in demand. These ensure your belongings are safe from unauthorized persons and that only genuine people can access the restricted premises.

Benefits of Using Door Key Fobs

  1. Robust contactless integration and safe to use
  2. Compact and individual designs
  3. Manufactured using durable materials to promise long-lasting usability
  4. Fast and contactless RFID data transmission
  5. Institutive handling
  6. Known chip card functionality
  7. Successful and innovative customer loyalty and marketing tool

Design Custom RFID Door Key Fobs to your liking

Newbega is a prominent RFID key fobs supplier that can provide your RFID products in various materials such as ABS, waterproof silicones, or even metal, as well as in many colors and shapes. Our professionals will help you guide and achieve your marketing goals using these efficient key fobs that act like excellent promotional tools.

End Note

Plenty of suppliers are available in the competitive market, but choosing the right candidate for the right job is imperative. You can rely on Newbega to meet your expectations. They have a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in handling projects of any size and critical fobs.