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Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Newbega RFID Card technology is a professional RFID Card product manufacturer and solution provider with products including: contact and contactless smart cards, RFID Card HF and UHF tags, key fobs and wristbands, etc.
 “Quality comes first. ”, Newbega, since the establishment, has put quality as the first option. As a reliable supplier,  Newbega sell products to the Europe, AMEA, the US etc. , and win great reputation from our customers. We have separate QA department and R&D department thus we can always fast to help our customers to solve their problems.
 Newbega always upholds the spirit of “Talent is the first productive force”. Set quality as fundamental strategic, we continuously innovate and use advanced production equipment and strong technical force to strictly manage production, strengthen quality control, and to strive to provide the highest-quality products for users.
What is RFID Card?
RFID (radio frequency identification card) is also called contactless IC card or proximity chip card. It consists of a chip and an antenna that are sealed in a card made of standard PVC, ABS PET material or other material without any exposed parts. The read-write process is fulfilled by the radio wave between IC coupled resonator circuits and reader. The RF protocols are ISO/IEC14443 (A /B /C…/F /G), ISO/IEC15693 and ISO/IEC18000-3 etc. Nowadays, there are various RFID card suppliers in this industry. As one of the largest RFID cards suppliers in China, Newbega has been dedicated to providing high quality RFID cards for years, contact us to get the price!
Applications of RFID Technology:
RFID cards, RFID wristbands and RFID tags have been used in libraries, amusement parks, stadiums, sports competitions, music performances, exhibitions, logistics and transportation warehouses, hotels, laundries, bus/metro, plantations, livestock farms, production lines, etc. They are continuously updated to become the core of the future development of the I.O.T. (Internet of Things).