Anti Metal Long Distance RFID Tag

Product Description
The long distance anti metal tag is a rugged RFID transponder mostly used on metal material surface. Normally, this tag is sealed with UHF chip like Alien Higgs-3 to offer long reading distance up to 4meters. The hard shell protects the tag from water, chemistry, enable the tag to survive in harsh environment. Since various assets are with different affixing condition, this anti metal tag is designed with two holes on both ends to be mounted by screws. The backside 3M adhesive layer enable the tag to be affixed onto metal surface strongly.

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1. Product Name: Anti Metal Long Distance RFID Tag
2. Dimension: Size: 135mm×22mm×12mm (thickness),Hole dimeter:4mm, Distance between two holes:120mm
3. Material: ABS+ Anti-metal
4. Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000 (EPC Gen2)
5. Frequency: 860MHz ~ 960MHz
6. Chip: Alien Higgs-3 (Option: Alien Higgs-4/Monza 4D/Monza 4E/Monza 4QT)
7. Data Retention: 10 years
8. Reading Distance: up to 15 meters, depends on reader
9. Color: Black, Red

1. Optional with mounting ways by adhesive or screws.
2. Waterproof under high pressure, dustproof, resistant to erosion, extreme temperature, and other outdoor elements.
3. With long reading distance, up to 8 meters, very reliable.
4. Can be mounted on metal directly, work on non-metallic surface too.
5. Broad frequency band, from 860mhz to 960mhz, for worldwide usage.
6. Ultra Curve version for hugging metallic gas cylinders is optional.

1.Supply chain management, warehousing management, logistics, production management.
2.Assets Management, vehicle tracking, truck, wagon and train tracking container tracking, pallet and goods tracking, gas cylinder tracking.
3.Waste management, commercial and industrial bin identification.