Plastic playing cards doesn’t sound very common, right? People usually choose paper rather than plastic when buying playing cards. One big reason is that the former is cheaper. But if you are a person who likes to play cards and often organize parties, plastic playing card may be more suitable for you.

Imagine being at a poker night and someone accidentally spills a drink or nachos on the cards; it sounds like something that could easily happen. If you are still an event organizer, you should be careful about the loss of unnecessary costs. A strong plastic playing card is undoubtedly a better choice, and this article will answer these questions for you in detail.

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What are Plastic Playing Cards?

In the casino, plastic playing cards have quickly gained popularity among card players due to their exceptional durability and resistance to damage. Crafted from a flexible and resilient plastic material, commonly PVC (polyvinyl chloride), these cards offer numerous advantages over traditional paper cards.

casino card
casino card

Plastic cards outshine their paper counterparts in terms of durability. Unlike paper cards that easily tear, bend, or fade, plastic cards are resistant to these common forms of damage. Furthermore, plastic cards maintain their original condition even after rigorous use, ensuring that they remain playable for extended periods. This greatly reduces replacement costs and helps merchants better maintain stability.

Advantages of plastic playing cards:


Plastic cards excel in terms of durability, making them a reliable choice for long-lasting gameplay. Unlike paper cards that can easily tear or crease, plastic cards are remarkably resistant to wear and tear. Whether you’re playing a casual game or participating in a professional tournament, plastic cards will withstand regular use without compromising their integrity.


The robust construction of plastic cards contributes to their extended lifespan. While paper cards may need frequent replacements due to damage or signs of wear, plastic cards maintain their quality and continue to deliver a pristine playing experience over time. This longevity makes plastic cards a cost-effective investment, as they require fewer replacements.

Ease of Cleaning:

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is essential during card gameplay. Plastic cards provide a convenient advantage in this aspect, as they can be easily cleaned. A simple wipe with a damp cloth removes dirt, oils, or other debris, ensuring a pleasant and germ-free gaming experience. This ease of cleaning adds convenience and promotes a hygienic play environment.

Improved Shuffle and Dealing Performance:

The smooth finish of plastic cards enhances shuffling and dealing performance. Unlike paper cards, which can be prone to sticking or clumping together, plastic cards offer a seamless shuffling experience. Their improved handling allows for precise dealing and ensures that each player receives their cards effortlessly. This superior shuffle and dealing performance contribute to a more enjoyable and professional gameplay experience.

Are Plastic Playing Cards Better than Paper?

In terms of durability, longevity, ease of cleaning, and shuffle and dealing performance, plastic playing cards undoubtedly outshine paper cards. The inherent resistance of plastic to tearing, bending, and fading ensures a higher level of durability.

Are plastic playing cards better than paper

Additionally, their extended lifespan and ease of cleaning make them a more practical and long-term investment. Whether it’s for casual use or competitive play, plastic cards offer an undeniable advantage over their paper counterparts.

Studies show that plastic cards last 50 times longer than paper cards. Playing cards bends easily, making plastic cards a better choice for rough shufflers or parents whose children might grab the deck. There are many misconceptions that plastic cards are 100% plastic, which is not the case. Most “plastic cards” only have a thin layer of plastic covering the cardboard.

The 100% plastic cards made by Newbega are very different from non-100% plastic cards, which means that it is more difficult to shuffle and do fancy moves, which happens to be one of the manifestations of safety performance!

Do Casinos Play with Plastic Cards?<Hot!>

Casinos worldwide commonly opt for plastic playing cards due to the numerous benefits they offer. Nowadays, major casinos in Macau have used plastic playing cards as one of the most commonly used props. There are four reasons in total.

plastic playing cards
plastic playing cards

Enhanced Security:

Ensuring fair gameplay is of utmost importance to casinos. Plastic cards provide an added layer of security, as their durable nature makes it difficult for players to mark or tamper with them. This reduces the risk of cheating and enhances the integrity of the games. Casinos value the peace of mind that comes with using plastic cards, as it promotes a level playing field for all participants.

Increased Efficiency:

Casinos operate in high-traffic environments where time is of the essence. Plastic cards contribute to increased efficiency during gameplay. Their extended lifespan means fewer card replacements, minimizing interruptions, and allowing for smoother operations. This saves time and resources, ensuring that games can run seamlessly.


While the initial investment in plastic cards may be higher than that in paper cards, their long-lasting nature proves cost-effective in the long run. Due to their durability, plastic cards require fewer replacements over time. This significantly reduces the costs associated with constantly replenishing decks of paper cards. The financial benefits of using plastic cards make them a practical choice for the thriving casino industry.

Professional Appearance:

Casinos strive to create a sophisticated and professional ambiance for their guests. Plastic cards contribute to this atmosphere as they offer a sleek, high-quality appearance.

Their resilience and ability to maintain like-new conditions elevate the overall aesthetic of the gaming tables, enhancing the experience for players. The presence of plastic cards underscores a commitment to excellence and attention to detail that casinos aim to provide.


In summary, plastic playing cards have become a favored choice among card players and casinos alike. Their superior durability, longevity, ease of cleaning, and improved shuffle and dealing performance make them the preferred option over traditional paper cards. For casinos, the enhanced security, increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and professional appearance of plastic cards perfectly align with their operational needs.

Do casinos play with plastic cards

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