Blocking Card

Product Description
Shielded cards are usually used to shield signals. Our credit cards, bank cards and passports contain high-frequency chips, which is why we can pay by swiping cards. So we must prevent these cards from being read by thieves with card readers.
Blocking card can do that, It has a shielding coil inside, which can block the radio waves emitted by the credit card. Usually one or two blocking cards in a wallet can protect all payment cards.

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1. Product Name: RFID NFC Blocking Shielding Cards

2. Card size: 85.5*54mm, thickness: 1mm~1.5mm

3. Material: PVC

4. For Protocol: ISO 14443A

5. Blocking Frequency: 13.56MHz

6. Chip: RFID Blocking Chip

7. Protection range: <5cm