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In this digital era, customer feedback has become increasingly important in shaping the reputation and success of businesses. To streamline and simplify the review process, Google review cards have emerged as a convenient solution. These PVC cards embedded with NFC chips enable customers to quickly submit reviews on the Google store using their NFC-enabled smartphones. With the URL to the review interface stored in the NFC chip, customers can effortlessly access the review page by simply tapping the card. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Google review cards for businesses and their potential impact on reputation management and customer satisfaction.

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Introduction to Google review card

Google Review card

Google review cards are PVC cards embedded with NFC chips that enable customers to quickly submit reviews on the Google store. NFC chips are provided by the renowned NXP company, and the card production is completed by the Newbega factory.

We write the review interface URL into the NFC chip, allowing any NFC-enabled smartphone to instantly access the review page by simply tapping the card. Users can write their reviews, give star ratings, and submit feedback. Here are the different ways to write the link to the chip:

– Newbega factory can perform batch writing using their equipment.
– Businesses can individually write the links using the NFC Tools app.
– Businesses can purchase newbega’s card reader and software for batch writing.

Once the links are written, locking them is usually necessary to prevent tampering by others.

Simplified Review Experience

One major advantage of Google review cards is the speed at which users can access the review interface. Traditional methods often require users to search for businesses or navigate through multiple pages before finding the review section. In contrast, with Google review cards, users can instantly access the review page by tapping their NFC-enabled phone on the card. This eliminates unnecessary steps and reduces the time required to leave a review. It is obvious from the video below.

Convenience is another important aspect of the simplified review experience offered by Google review cards. These cards can be distributed in various physical locations such as restaurants, hotels, or retail stores, allowing customers to easily share their feedback. Instead of relying on customers actively searching for review platforms later, these cards bring the review interface directly to their fingertips. This convenience factor encourages timely and effective feedback submission, increasing the opportunities to gather valuable feedback from satisfied or dissatisfied customers.

Potential Benefits for Businesses

  1. Online Visibility and SEO: Google review cards help increase the online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) of your business. Positive reviews and a large number of reviews can improve a business’s online reputation, making it more attractive to potential customers searching for similar products or services. Higher visibility in search results can increase website traffic and ultimately drive conversion rates and revenue.
  1. Building Trust and Enhancing Reputation: Positive reviews serve as social proof, building trust with potential customers and improving online reputation. They attract new customers, while addressing negative reviews demonstrates a commitment to improving customer satisfaction.
  1. Increasing Customer Satisfaction: Google review cards make it easier for customers to provide feedback, making them feel valued and listened to. This seamless review process can enhance overall customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.
  1. Recognition and Differentiation: The streamlined review process provided by Google review cards contributes to a refreshing customer experience. Customers recognize businesses that value their opinions and actively seek feedback, setting company apart from competitors.
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Implementation Process

To integrate Google review cards, businesses need to first create a Google My Business (GMB) profile or claim an existing one. This ensures their business is listed accurately on Google Maps and search results. Once verified, businesses can access the Google review card feature within their GMB dashboard.

Implementation involves designing and printing physical review cards that display a scannable QR code or a shortened URL leading directly to the review submission page. These cards should be strategically placed in high-traffic areas where customers can easily spot them, such as at cash registers, inside product packaging, or near the exit.

To encourage usage, businesses can train their staff to mention the review cards during customer interactions, highlighting the benefits of leaving feedback. Additionally, businesses can incorporate the QR codes or URLs on their website, email signatures, or even social media platforms to expand their reach beyond physical locations.

Regular monitoring of review submissions and responding promptly to customer feedback is vital. This demonstrates attentiveness to customer opinions and fosters a positive reputation. The feedback can also be analyzed to identify patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement.

By leveraging the convenience and simplicity of Google review cards, businesses can gather valuable customer feedback, enhance their online reputation, and strengthen customer satisfaction, ultimately driving growth and success in the competitive marketplace.

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Instagram Card


Maximize your online reputation and customer satisfaction with Google review cards. Streamline feedback collection, build trust, and gain valuable insights for continuous improvement and growth. Unleash the power of these cards to engage customers and strengthen your online presence.

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