Keyword: Unmanned Supermarket

Posted on 05 Jan, 2019

Unmanned supermarkets make consumers invisible. This kind of thing can only happen in science fiction films in the past. With the development of science and technology in recent years, it is not difficult. It can be said that the intelligent packaging technology is supported by the unmanned supermarket. The big outbreak.

How many gods in unmanned supermarket technology?

Simply speaking, the unmanned supermarket is a shrinking “sky system.”

Today’s artificial intelligence system allows supermarkets to have no sales staff and cashiers. Consumers choose good products and take them away, and the mobile phones will automatically settle.

Behind the ultimate experience of “buy and go” is the support of integrated systems such as portrait recognition, product identification, self-service payment, big data analysis, IOT (Internet of Things), and blockchain.

Simply put, this is the use of computer vision and biometric identity, the camera and sensors in the store can record the movement of people and objects.

RFID is currently the most suitable technology for unmanned supermarkets. If the cost of RFID chips is reduced in the future, cheap products can be used, and RFID applications will be more widespread.

To realize the digitalization and creative marketing functions of commodity information, these are basic applications. The mining of big data behind commodity consumption is the real gold mine.

Two or three things you don’t know about smart packaging: Smart packaging means adding new mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical properties to the packaging through innovative thinking, which has both universal packaging functions and special properties to meet the special requirements of the product. And special environmental conditions. It involves preservation technology, water-soluble film packaging technology, two-dimensional code technology, packaging and structural innovation technology, portable packaging technology, texture anti-counterfeiting technology, magnetic resonance radio frequency anti-counterfeiting identification technology, food safety traceability scheme technology.

“2018-2023 China’s smart packaging industry market prospects and investment opportunities research report” shows that in recent years, China’s material science, modern control technology, computer technology and artificial intelligence and other related technologies have led to the rapid development of smart packaging. With the acceleration of China’s marketization process, the increase in national income and the entry of global branded goods, a considerable retail and consumer market is forming in China and growing rapidly. The rapid formation and growth of the market will inevitably drive the rapid development of smart packaging. According to statistics, in 2017, the market size of China’s smart packaging industry reached 148.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9%; currently the largest segment of the smart packaging market is the RFID market, and the size of the RFID market in 2017 has reached 75.24 billion yuan. According to the forecast of the China Business Research Institute, the market size of China’s smart packaging industry exceeded 150 billion yuan in 2018; by 2023, the market size of China’s smart packaging industry is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan.

Intelligent packaging can realize the whole process of product circulation and show the actual quality of the product. As the degree of globalization increases, the market scope expands and the product supply chain expands. Consumers are increasingly demanding product quality assurance, especially the freshness of food and the degree of protection of precision instruments and the safety of medicines. This indirectly controls manufacturers, logistics and transportation third parties and retailers in the product supply chain, improving the quality of production products and transportation efficiency, ensuring the success rate of product circulation, reducing retailer returns and consumer complaints. Consumers’ constant pursuit of product packaging functions is the main driving force for smart packaging.

Unmanned shops are an excellent opportunity for the development of smart packaging. Smart packaging, as a member of the new retail ecosystem, technology and application scenarios are constantly being refactored, which will eventually bring the perfect experience of the closed loop of unmanned stores.