Summary: “Industry 4.0” not only belongs to the innovation of manufacturing process, it will bring us a totally new business mode which suites this new times need, it also has a strong influence on the Economic Globalization at the same time, helps the enterprise gain more benefit through changing labor force and increasing service.
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Posted on 14th Jan,2018 By Joe Song and Michael Yin

The manufacturing industry present meets multiple challenges including labor expense increasing, ageing of population, economic slowing down etc., while the global manufacturing competition is getting worse and worse. The German Gov raised the strategy of “Industry 4.0” aimed to use the advanced Physical Information System and connect the virtual reality with real world thus further enhance the operational efficiency of whole manufacturing process, and help enterprise to gain the ability of fast response to the market change.

The “Industry 4.0” concept exploded like a bomb around the world since it exists, the American quickly follows with “IOT (Internet of things)” while china raised “Internet plus” to match. “Industry 4.0” covers Robert, Big data, IOT, Cloud computing, Augmented reality, 3D printing, Knowledge system, Artificial intelligence, cyber security etc multiple technical field, they will achieve more high value business with new technology integration.

At this moment some automated industry firms started “Industry 4.0”, like “Predix” Industrial Internet cloud platform from General Electric, “MindSphere” from Siemens, Sensor 4.0 System Products from Fuchs etc., they all reflect the new trend of Internet and Intelligent. So, with the upgrade and development of industrial technology, how “Industry 4.0” will influence the global economic?

The production line in “Industry 4.0”

*Interconnection speed up manufacturing globalization
Globalization of all economy are promoted by the improving technology, no matter factory, enterprise or other organization, globalization has to be considered if you want to get a long-term development. Win more market opportunity by using global source, off course face global competition at the same time. Since the productive force promoted drastically from The first industrial revolution, enterprises noticed it is necessary to adapt globalization business thus achieve a maximized value in manufacturing.

Today, the progress of traffic and communication make great contribution to international business, the traffic equipment for sea/land/air is getting mature and becoming more and more powerful. UAV, Unmanned vehicles, Unmanned cargo ship, Delivery Robert, Intelligent logistic systems etc., new equipment further improved the efficiency of things net transport. With the increasing demand from trading and information communication, more and more firms start stepping across land/ocean to make their business achieve a further place. It’s the advanced logistics facility who make impossible to become possible!

The application of virtual reality in industry

Actually, the supply chain of manufacturing were already globalized, one product maybe designed in A country while components made in B country, but assembled in C country. Every day, logistics companies provide various freight service or air service for manufacturing industry, including logistics outsourcing, facility management, custom clearance service, warehouse service etc.

*Not only crafts innovation, even more mode creation  
Every industrial technology revolution brings a profound impact to the world. In 2011 the German Gov and Siemens introduced the “Industry 4.0” strategy on Hanover Industrial Fair, by using the new generation info technology, get through the boundary of machine with machine, Robert with human being, we can build a complete physical info system, thus make the transparent production and transparent management come true. From Simulated production to all things digitizing, under the “Industry 4.0” mode, manufacturing industry will form a complete Virtual-Actual Combination production systems.

With the Integration or development of Info Technology(IT) and Operation Technology(OT), many companies start seeking new solutions to connect digital world with real world. Collect supplier info and clients’ info through IOT, use a more specified production info, thus contributes to a maximized manufacturing/operating efficiency. IOT will build a seamless connection for digital world and real world, there will be no gap between machine systems and human, can exchange info and adjust the production plan automatically.

Solution for Industry 4.0

“Industry 4.0” isn’t only the revolution for manufacturing crafts, it will bring a totally new business mode which suits the new times need, helping enterprises get more benefit by changing the labor force and increasing service, it will also have a strong effect on economic globalization.

*The boundary for all countries are becoming blurred
Under the trend of “Industry 4.0”, companies’ operation and management will use more complex data network and global supply chain. Physical connection is replaced by more and more digital connection, which helps firms get more valuable big data, while cloud storage and application software make more and bigger data processing become available.

With the physical info system getting more and more powerful, enterprises can realize larger international cooperation. By using the software based on cloud, anyone at everywhere could contribute to the design, realized a distributed production, thus further make use of all the resources’ advantage. Such a mode is more and more adapted in CAD, which make product design a process of collaboration.

Production line of intelligent manufacturing

However, globalization is not only a case of improving designing process. Enterprises could gain the largest talented person resources, because no more regional restriction. The manufacturing expense could come down again by connecting virtual network with international supplier network. To maintain the equipment which far away from us, an expert’s assistance via remote system would be a good choice. Many international Corp., supplier or working guys get closer to each other via virtual reality, thus improved the flow of ideas and obtained more knowledge or technical experience. Cloud computing promotes the development of “Industry 4.0”, a cheaper data storage and transmission will make the Corps. a better flexibility and decentralized management.

The function of equipment gets more and more powerful

Such a mode maybe means in the future an international Corp. don’t need an obvious physical existence, when virtual and reality fused, any division in one Corp. can working all around the world, and integrate the international resources to realize a Corp.’s commercial value.

*Industry 4.0 improved enterprises’ international competitiveness
“Industry 4.0” mode will bring a broad connectivity, that means an enterprise can more easily obtain international resources and make business to all around the world but not only localized business, thus form a globalized competition. The enterprises have to face the changing consumer demand, improve production efficiency via automation technology, and reduce the production time by combining production flexibility. In this way let Corps. own a faster market responding ability and better improve its competitiveness.

With the constantly opening of sea route, today logistics can arrive every corner around the world, thus make all global factories closed to each other. The new mode “Industry 4.0” make factory production gets even more transparent and efficient, while its customized function makes enterprises a higher flexibility. This new mode will definitely further improve a Corps. international competitiveness and promote the process of industrial globalization.