Keyword: Magnetic stripe cards

Posted on 08 Sep, 2019

First, the magnetic stripe card classification

Magnetic strip type

General anti-magnetic card (300oe)

High magnetic resistance card (3500oe)

Direct printing

Low magnetic resistance card (300oe) (eg park ticket)

High magnetic resistance card (2700oe) (eg subway card, telephone card)


Anti-magnetic: It is used to measure the resistance of the magnetic strip to data loss caused by the influence of the external magnetic field, and offset the anti-demagnetization.

The magnetic resonance (coercive force) unit is OE (Oster).

Low anti-magnetic strip: ordinary anti-demagnetization magnetic strip, the magnetic is generally 300 ~ 650 (OE).

High diamagnetic magnetic strip: has a high diamagnetic magnetic strip, the magnetic resistance is generally 2750 (OE), 3500 (OE) and 4000 (OE).

Second, magnetic strips and tracks

There are 3 tracks on the magnetic strip, which can be read or written during use.
Track 1 can record numbers (0-9), letters (A-Z), and other symbols (such as brackets, separators, etc.), up to 79 numbers or letters.
The characters recorded on tracks 2 and 3 can only be numbers (0-9). Track 2 can record up to 40 characters, and track 3 can record up to 107 characters.