Keyword: Internet Of Things

Posted on 13 Oct, 2019

Misunderstanding 1 sensor network or RFID network is equivalent to the Internet of Things. In fact, sensor technology and RFID technology are just one of the information acquisition technologies. In addition to sensing technology and RFID technology, GPS, video recognition, infrared, laser, scanning and other technologies that can realize automatic identification and object communication can become the information collection technology of the Internet of Things. Sensor networks or RFID networks are just one application of the Internet of Things, but they are by no means all of the Internet of Things.

Misunderstanding 2 The Internet of Things is regarded as the infinite extension of the Internet. The Internet of Things is regarded as an Internet platform that is completely open, interconnected, and fully shared by all things. In fact, the Internet of Things is by no means an infinite extension of the simple global shared Internet. Even the Internet does not only refer to the internationally shared computer network that we usually think of. The Internet also has a wide area network and a local area network.

The Internet of Things can be an extension of the Internet to the Internet in our usual sense; it can also be composed of local area networks and professional networks according to actual needs and industrial applications. In reality, it is not necessary or possible to network all the items; there is no need to make professional networks and local area networks connected to the global Internet sharing platform. In the future, the Internet of Things and the Internet will be very different, similar to professional networks such as intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation, and smart grid. The local area network such as intelligent community is the largest application space.

Misunderstanding 3 believes that the Internet of Things is the ubiquitous network of physical objects, so it is difficult to realize that the Internet of Things is a castle in the air. In fact, the Internet of Things is real, and many primary IoT applications have long served us. The concept of the Internet of Things is a kind of aggregated integration innovation launched on the basis of many practical applications. It is a generalization and promotion of the networked, intelligent and automated systems with the interconnection of objects, which has been upgraded from a higher perspective. Our understanding.

Misunderstanding 4 Think of the Internet of Things as a basket, everything is installed inside; based on its own knowledge, products that can only interact and communicate are regarded as Internet of Things applications. For example, just embedding some sensors has become a so-called IoT appliance; putting products on RFID tags has become an Internet of Things application.