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Posted on 13 Oct, 2019

With the increasing trend of industrial production automation, intelligent production machinery and equipment have replaced most of the physical work, and of course the industrial production capacity has gradually increased to some extent. In order to achieve intelligent production, according to the needs of the market, through the RFID technology for manufacturing execution system management, including production execution, monitoring and management, and other aspects of control, intelligent production and manufacturing based on the original management system and machine interconnection To achieve production equipment and raw material management. Continuously realize product customization, multi-variety and small batch production. RFID technology makes intelligent production more convenient.

Using RFID electronic standards for raw material management, it can track and record all the attributes related to each component, including the production process, the next process, its own color, size, and even the number, flow to the ground or customized customers after the assembly into finished products. The information can be refined according to the customer’s needs. When the raw materials start to flow into production, they gradually enter the customized production process. The controller can communicate wirelessly with the RFID electronic tag, and can replace the original bar code technology. The RFID electronic tag can be read from a long distance and read in batches, avoiding the disadvantage that the bar code must be visible to be read, and can automatically be detected at the inspection station. Identify and add quality data, the inbound and outbound warehouse can identify the automatic inbound and outbound warehouses automatically, can automatically identify the order, greatly improve the production level, and avoid the adverse effects caused by human error or leakage operation. At the same time, the RFID electronic label surface is printed with chip barcode, which can be compatible with the old equipment and avoid asset waste.

RFID technology makes intelligent production more convenient

RFID technology has the following advantages in intelligent manufacturing:

1, can be contactless, the entire process without manual intervention, can complete the automatic acquisition of data and is not easy to damage;

2. The information can also be collected for the object in the running state, and the multi-card can be identified at the same time, and the operation is convenient;

3. It can be applied to a series of requirements such as poor production environment, inability of personnel to reach, large amount of data storage, high real-time data transmission requirements, and reliable and effective data transmission.

In general, RFID has a great application prospect for real-time data collection in the production environment of intelligent manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. It realizes the integration of raw materials, factory manufacturing, sales and customer demand, and can be flexibly and timely. Production, on-demand production, production in sequence, etc., to achieve true intelligent manufacturing.

All devices communicate with the collection server through the network. The existing MES is connected to the collection server through the database. All the required data is acquired through the database middleware on the collection server, which reduces the difficulty of the existing system transformation, and can clear the work responsibilities and facilitate Post-maintenance and troubleshooting, and can increase the security of the server, minimize the openness to provide maximum transformation, and improve production efficiency.

In order to maintain efficient and accurate production, manufacturing companies have put forward higher requirements for the automation of the production process. Without a highly organized and integrated control system, it is difficult to accomplish such complex tasks. As the development direction of future manufacturing technology, intelligent production will have a profound impact on manufacturing models and manufacturing companies. RFID is used as an automatic identification acquisition technology to make production more intelligent.

RFID intelligent production adopts a novel, comprehensive and advanced production management structure. Data is collected through the Internet of Things sensing layer. A series of software realizes material inventory, transportation, product inspection, product positioning, transportation, and production process. The environmental control, product quality inspection, finished product inventory, and access control, process planning, real-time adjustment and other functions, so that the entire production line has been effectively managed to achieve optimal production results.