Keyword: Unmanned Inventory Handheld reader RFID system
Posted on 27th Feb,2018 By Joe Song

The South Africa retailer House of Busby installed the RFID solution in one of his store located in Johannesburg, to improve the visibility of its inventory and save the time which used in inventory checking. This solution is provided by Milestone Integrated Systems, adopts the EPC (UHF)RFID reader from Keonn and software from AdvanCloud to manage these data.

Since this system was built, the inventory checking time of this store decreased from 120 working hours to 30 minutes. This system can also be used to confirm whether the clients made the payment or not (when leave the Exit), thanks to the long reading range (several meters) elevated reader thus have no need to install additional hardware.

During inventory checking, the employee will use AdvanScan handheld reader and scan the items. What they need is only open the application on the handheld reader, push the inventory checking button and walk around in the warehouse, and the reader will automatically get the article ID from nearby cargo shelves, then the reader will send these data to the Cloud software by using WIFI or Cellular network

There will also have a AdvanPay reader in checkout counter. When the customer want to check the bill, they only need to put the article tags on the reader, the reader will get these articles’ ID information automatically and send them to the software, thus upgrade its status.

At the Exit Milestone installed an AdvanSafe elevated reader, when some guy leave store without paying the bill, the AdvanCloud software will trigger the alarm.

Lourens said, “It takes us two working days each time when we make inventory checking before we install this RFID system, but now this time decreased into half an hour. They helped us save the operating expense and improved the inventory accuracy at the same time.”

And now, House of Busby is going to install this RFID system into all their stores!