Keywords: NFC tags, Information

Posted on 12 Aug, 2019

Package connect with NFC: Böen Wines adds NFC to the top of the bottle to improve customer experience

Böen Wines is using NFC/RFID tags incorporated onto all their bottle tops to make their customers easily gain information about where and how their wine was made, tracking the food info, receive ideas on food pairings and “share their own experiences with Böen within the platform and via social media”.

Tapping a wine bottle cap with an Android or IOS cellphone will open a door that “takes you to Böen’s farmhouse” and that provide you “unparalleled information about the wine”, the new venture from winemaker Joseph Wagner explains.

“There is increasing consumer demand for connected packaging across a range of technologies,” says Cameron Worth, CEO of SharpEnd, he helped to build the solution for Böen Wines, he is also a Fanatic of connecting NFC with foods.

“From our experience, we know that brands who connects packaging with drive engagement can learn more about what their consumers think, follow with new trends, and even creat new inquiries for their clients, which may in turn contributes to the sales and marketing.