Keyword: Barcode, RFID tags

Posted on 07 Oct, 2019

What is the function of Barcode?

A barcode only contains the “UPC” which is a product SKU.

What is the SKU?

The product needs a ID, the seller usually define the product.The ID is SKU.

But not the instance of that product.

What is the advantage of RFID TAGS?

An RFID tag contains the UPC plus a unique serial number. Item specific serial number: 133878919387….23..3.11.

Defines BOTH the product and the specific instance of that product.

As below is advantags.

▲Individual very specific objects can be identified by RFID tags, unlike barcode only a class of objects can be identified.

▲RFID tags use RFID technology which is wireless, and it can read data through external materails. Barcdoe has to read data by leaser,it can’t through external materials.

▲RFID TAGS can be identified by multiply object,but barcode only read one by one.

▲Compare to Barcode storage, RFID information is much huger.

Why RFID tags cost are much expensive than barcode?

◆RFID TAG are composed by Antenna, IC,basic material.

◆RFID processing are more complex.

◆The basic materils is make up of 70% cost.

◆The development cost are much higher than barcode.

◆RFID tags can be recycled