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Posted on 4 Mar,2019 By Chay

We are lucky to live in today’s digital age of event management- where everything runs technologically which is very incredible to experience! If you’re an event organizer or manager- there’s good news for you because the wonders of technology have also reached your way in the form of RFID wristbands for events which prevail the potential to organize the duties of your events into something extremely smooth, streamlined and systematic without causing you extra logistical stress.

From music festivals to business conferences, corporate events to any other large scale gatherings, today RFID become the hottest trend of wireless technology, which is widely used in events to enable shorter lines, accurate data, and more engaged attendees and sponsors.

Surprisingly, this advanced technology becomes the industry standard of the country’s famous music fest and other events organized on a large scale where fan proudly wearing their RFID wristbands like badges of honor and keep it safe with them as an epitome of the particular event.

Here are the 5 best benefits of RFID technology, which you should consider for organizing your events in a hassle-free manner and make it a delightful experience for your attendees:

  1. Speed up the attendee’s entrance procedure

No one like to wait for hours in a queue. This is where RFID woven wristbands come into the picture to give guests a welcoming experience. With RFID technology integrated events, attendees simply need to wave their wristbands over the sensor to enter the event. No more extra check-ins or digging in the purses/ wallets to find tickets or struggling to wrinkled barcode or scanner process.

  1. Track your traffic

RFID integrated sensor gives you an immediate insight into the flow of traffic to your event venue. Moreover, the technology helps you to keep track of each guests journey through the venue as well as warn you in advance to prevent congestion and enhances the event experience.

  1. Reduce the probability of fraud

Unlike computerized print-at-tickets, RFID chips installed wristbands have a unique identifier that eliminates fraud check-in at the event. With this New Bega RFID produced technology, making counterfeit ticket become a thing of the past with no use. And if in any case, attendees lose their RFID installed technology wristband, you can still help them as the tickets are now more likely to be associated with attendees IDs, so you can immediately deactivate the lost wristbands and issue a new one.

From the perspective of an event organizer, it becomes vital to keep everything over the board and the integration of RFID will help you throughout the event even after the event.