If you often shop online, you may have noticed a card called a Google Review Card placed in the packaging bag. The above will hope that you can rate its services, and some merchants will write a slogan on the Google review card, “No matter what kind of review you make, you will receive a cash reward.”

This seems to be a good marketing method. When customers purchase goods or participate in certain consumption behaviors, they often refer to the opinions of previous buyers. This is a psychological effect called the “social proof effect”, when we make a certain decision, we will be subconsciously influenced by others, and then refer to other people’s suggestions and opinions to decide the next action. When people are in an uncertain situation, they often think that the actions or thoughts of others can give them direction.

Therefore, the birth of Google Review Tap Card is based on the background of psychology to acquire customers and influence consumption decisions. This also explains why almost all businesses attach great importance to ‘good reviews’. All e-commerce platforms in China attach great importance to customer evaluations, and this kind of word-of-mouth establishment has become the consensus of outstanding merchants.

This article will tell you how to get customers to leave positive reviews for you and how to get a series of high-quality Google review cards. Let’s take a look!

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Customers Will Have a Special Liking for Well-made Google Review Card!

What many merchants don’t notice is that a beautifully designed Google review card will make customers more eager to review. When a customer unpacks the package, what comes into view may not only be the product itself, but also the items you place on it. A card above.

review cards using

A well-designed Google review business cards has the same function as a business card. Not to mention that it only requires a slight touch of the phone’s camera position to the card to open the review website. This will make customers who like a sense of surprise have a greater desire to use it.

American writer John Ruhlin mentioned in his novel “On Gifts” that if the cards are well-made, they can convey enough information and trigger behaviors that would not otherwise occur.

Newbega has full experience in making cards. We are a factory with 20 years of experience in card production and have professional designers and engineers. If you don’t have a design idea yet, we have more than hundreds of designs for you to choose from.

Take the Initiative! Ask Customers to Leave Reviews for You!

Putting the Google review card in the express package is certainly a good idea, but the possibility of it being forgotten is still very high. The most effective and direct way is to take the initiative and ask customers to comment after the payment is completed.

google review cards use

This is suitable for use in offline stores. Google Review Business Cards cooperates with Google Maps and will include customer evaluation information in Google Maps. In this way, when customers take the initiative to find a store, they will first see the ratings and reviews of your store from other customers.

Therefore, in order to attract potential customers, it is very important to prepare in advance. You can prepare a set of request words in advance and ask customers to give you a five-star review after the store clerk provides good service. If your service is indeed excellent, customers will be happy to give you a good review!

If you are online, you can take the initiative to remind you by sending a text message or leaving a message on a card. This is also a great way to direct customers to leave reviews.

The most important thing is to let customers get real benefits, so that you can get more positive reviews.

Give Cash Rewards<Hot!>

Nothing is more attractive than great deals and small amounts of cash! Just imagine, if you could get a cash reward for just a simple comment, would anyone say no?

google cards

In consumer psychology, the phenomenon of “cash back” has been studied. The pleasure it brings to people is even higher than a simple “discount”. In layman’s terms, although discounts will save you money, you still spend your own money on the single purchase of goods. The small amount of money obtained through reviews is earned from merchants.

There is a difference between the two. The latter will give consumers the illusion that they are really earning extra revenue through this action. The merchants also get the evaluation they need, which is a manifestation of mutual benefit.

Of course, we still hope that customers can give real and valid reviews, so sincere reviews from consumers and good reputation from businesses are the specific meaning of Google Review Business Cards. The cash reward is just a switch to open the ‘review’ window, making customers want to comment more.

If customers give bad reviews, it will be detrimental to the merchant’s sales. This is not our original intention for customers to take the initiative to review.

Buy the Best Google Review Business Card at Newbega Company<Hot!>

As one of the best card manufacturing companies, Newbega has full experience in the production of chip cards. If you order the cards produced by our company, we can provide website entry, card customization and other services. At the same time, we have efficient logistics and after-sales, which is practical. Really making an impact on your business and helping you achieve your goals.

We work tirelessly to provide the highest quality products and services. We will provide good marketing plans and consulting services based on the actual situation, and provide you with more strategies for the future.

With Google Reviews Cards, customers can easily access your dedicated reviews page with just one click. No more searching, typing or navigating across multiple platforms. It’s a seamless and efficient solution that saves you and your clients time and effort. Unlock its potential and take your business to new heights.

Summary and Outlook

Using Google review business cards is far ahead of other merchants, bringing more potential customers to your marketing. In the previous blog, we mentioned the advantages brought by Google review business card, which can enter the review page faster and give customers a better review experience.

cards for review

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