Have you ever heard of Google Review Cards? It is a smart card that allows customers to quickly comment, which can effectively improve your reputation on the Internet. So far, it has quietly become a marketing method for merchants to win praise, and it is very effective!

Merchants only need to use their mobile phone to lightly touch the Google review business card after the customer has finished consuming or purchasing the product, and they can jump to Google’s review page. You only need to ask the customer “Please give us a five-star review.” “Kind users will take the initiative to increase your praise rate.

Does this sound like a piece of cake? The most important thing is that you have solved the steps to get customers to actively click and jump, so they will help you improve your praise rate. Only by fully understanding the user psychology. Only then can you gain benefits for yourself from different angles.

Studies have shown that the effect of a positive review is equal to a lifelong and free advertisement. People will tend to trust the guarantee of people with the same identity, which will win you more potential customers! If you are a merchant who wants to own Google review cards, you can contact us directly and we will provide you with the highest quality batch of cards!

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What is Google Review Card?

Google review card is a smart card with a built-in NFC chip. The card contains your business name, address and QR code. Merchants can give these cards to customers or place them in stores for customers to scan, so that customers can Write a comment as quickly as possible.

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In the early days when the concept of Google Review Business Cards was proposed, it was in the form of scanning a QR code, which would cause a problem; customers would spend some patience when opening the software to scan the QR code.

Nowadays, the NFC function that comes with every mobile phone makes the mobile phone an efficient “reader”, which greatly improves the efficiency of customer evaluation and makes them potential customers for your second repurchase.

At the same time, the review process on Google Review Card is also very simple. Usually there is only a scoring system for shopping experience and a writeable or non-writeable shopping review, which also improves the efficiency of user reviews. With these cards, you can quickly add positive reviews and customer feedback to further enhance your brand image.

How does Google Review Cards Work?

The working principle of Google review business cards are not complicated. In essence, it is still a card for exchanging information.

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If you want to use Google review business cards normally, the first thing to do is to create a custom URL link that will direct customers to the review form on your Google business page. You can obtain the Place ID of your business page through Google’s “Place ID Lookup” tool or other online services. Then, using the Place ID and other parameters, a URL link is constructed.

If you think this is not safe enough and are worried that the internal chip will fail (using Newbega’s high-quality chip card will effectively avoid this problem!), you can take a preventive measure by converting the link into a QR code and printing it on Google review cards. This way you will have two backup means of getting reviews.

And when customers enter the page, they will be redirected to Google’s review form page. On this page, they can select a star rating and write a detailed review. Once a customer submits a review, it will be posted to your business page and visible to other potential customers.

With just one interaction, customers enter your review page. At the same time, customers can also see the experiences shared by other users, which will make it easier to collect valuable insights! At the same time, this page will always be updated, which means that its vitality and dissemination are greatly guaranteed.

Where can I Buy the Best Google Review Cards?<Hot!>

Choose Newbega as your best supplier partner, we will design google review card template, card style, and all the elements you want to customize for you. We have professional designers and efficient production team, we can definitely provide Bring you the best shopping experience.

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As a supplier with twenty years of experience in card production, Newbega can fully understand customer needs and solve customer problems. We will work tirelessly to provide the best solutions for our clients, while working together to make an impact on businesses to help them achieve their goals.

At the same time, we also provide business forecasting and marketing consulting services. This will ensure the effectiveness of your investment and allow you to plan more for the future. But Google review cards exist to optimize customers’ rating experience. They will continue to bring traffic and vitality to your business. This is a sure-profit deal!

Summary and Outlook

Some people call the role of Google Review Cards “revolutionary” because it once again reduces the time it takes customers to review, and subtle improvements will put you far ahead of other competitors.

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This game-changing tool enables businesses to easily collect customer feedback and improve their online reputation. This compact and user-friendly card revolutionizes the review process, making it easy for customers to share their valuable feedback.

With Google Review Card, customers can easily access your dedicated review page with just one tap. No more searching, typing or navigating across multiple platforms. It’s a seamless and efficient solution that saves you and your clients time and effort. Unlock its potential and take your business to new heights.

You can get in touch with us by clicking the green button below, order a Google Review Card today, and start enjoying the benefits of positive customer reviews.

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