Product Name: High Temperature RFID Tags


High Temperature RFID tag is specifically designed for tracking items need to withstand extremely high temperature for a long time. The tag can survive in high temperature up to 230℃ and performs well. Besides high temperature, this high temperature tag is also resistant to acid, alkaline and other chemical, ultrasonic wave.

It offers constant communication with RFID readers on most virtual surface like metal, wood, glass, etc. And this tag can be mounted via screws through the two ends holes. All high temperature RFID tags are going through strictly testing before delivery to assure reliable performance.

1. Product Name: High Temperature RFID Tags
2. Dimension: 46mm * 31mm * 7.5mm
    Hole Diameter: 3.2mm.
    Hole distance: 39.6mm
3. Material: Engineering Plastic
4. Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
5. Frequency: 860-960MHz
6. Chip: Alien H3 (NXP chip customizable)
7. TID: Tamper-proof TID
8. Data Retention: 10 years
9. Reading Distance: Fixed reader: up to 10M, (4W EIRP, Alien 9900 Reader)
    Handset: up to 6M, (Alien 9001 Reader)
10. Weight: 22g
11. Color: Grey black, customizable
12. Environment Standard: RoHS
13. Peak Temperature: 230℃ for 1 hour
14. Reliability: -40℃ to +150℃ 7 cycles, 8houres High/Low temperature per cycle.
15. IP rating: IP68
16. Polarization: Liner

1. Endure high temperature for long time, up to 230℃.
2. Resist to acid, alkaline, ultrasonic wave.
3. Can be attached to metal surface.
4. Easy to install, can be screwed on, by rivet, glue, etc.
5. Laser engraving code or words on the surface.

1. Car production flow line.
2. High temperature metal pallet in production line.
3. Warehouse shell management.
4. Asset management.
5. Campus logistic asset management.
6. Metal tools management.
7. Special vehicle management.