You may enjoy travel. As we know, during your journey, one essential thing is to book a suitable hotel for your accommodation. After you checked in, the hotel receptionist will give you a piece of hotel key card with your room basic info for the room access and water & electricity control.

hotel key cards
What makes hotel key cards own these functions? How do hotel key cards work? Why key cards are taking place of traditional keys gradually?What makes rfid door locks popular… Today let’s find the answers together! First of all, you can check the catalog as follows to know the main structure of this blog:

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Actually, the RFID chips embedded in the hotel key cards make the hotel key cards become smart and become a good assistant of the hotel management. So do you know how they work? You can continue reading. 

How do Hotel Key Cards Work?

The principle is that the 13.56 MHz RFID chip in the RFID hotel key card uses radio waves to communicate with the system, then gives the user access permission. 

Specifically speaking, when you put the hotel key card near the reader on the door, the system will automatically checks and verifies the details through the radio signal. The chip then sends back to the reader the chip serial number. If 2 signals matches, the door will be unlocked. 

Similarly, when you enter the room, you can insert the card into the card reader in the room,  the reader will get the permission to open the switches of water & electricity.  Then you will be able to use the water and electricity in the room freely. So simple! 

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Why do Hotels Use Key Cards instead of Keys?<Hot!>

Nowadays, RFID hotel key cards are taking place of traditional keys in more and more hotels. Why? The reason is that key cards can benefit both hotels and customers. Next, let’s see the specific advantages of hotel key cards. 

Hotel Key Cards Improved the Hotel Management Efficiency

RFID key cards mean automation and scientific management. Simply, much time and cost can be saved. Here are what the hotel can benefit from the key card as follows: 

1. The key card will be auto cancelled the the access according to the former setting. – Generally speaking, some vital data will be stored in the key card, such as the the check-in date, the number of days you stay, and the checkout date, etc., to ensure that the customer won’t not stay beyond the booked days. That is to say, if the customer go past the checkout time, he/ she will not be able to enter that room again.

2. Higher security can be realized. – One key card can only be used for one room, and it will not work if you try to access another door. It is less possible to enter the wrong room, or be opened the door by a stranger. 

3. The work efficiency can be improved. – The management or housekeeper may have a master key that will provide access to all the rooms in the hotel. No need to carry a pile of keys, or find the corresponding keys to unlock each lock one by one. 

4. Help promote the brand. – The key card can be customized to specific colors and even personalized with a hotel logo, which can make the hotel better known. 

5. Avoid some unnecessary resources waste in some degree. – Once the guest leaves the room and the key card is removed from the reader, the water and electricity will be deactivated right away.

6. Fast and accurate statistic – The key card will automatically collecting data from clients and send them to the hotel statistic system. No need to worry about data duplication or transcription errors.

hotel key cards vs keys

Simply speaking, the hotel key cards have become the good assistants for the scientific management. So how about customers? What key cards can bring to them? Next part, you will know it clearly. 

Smart Key Cards Enhanced Customers' Stay Experience

Customers’ experience can also be improved. You can see the following specific benefits: 

1. Key card improved the security. – The access system will sound an alarm if you don’t close the door properly or when the battery is running low. Also, the key card can effectively prevent others from entering your room with your lost card by cancelling the access permission, while, if you use the traditional key, others can enter your room freely with your lost key unless the hotel change a new lock for you soon.

2. Easy to carry. – A piece of thin key card fits well in the wallet, and does not demagnetize easily, very convenient!

3. Check real-time transactions. – Check real-time transactions. With the help of the hotel transaction system, customers can check their bills they incurred via the unique card ID.

Till now, we have known that key cards have been an essential part of the hotel management, they are playing a more important role in the hotel industry, indeed. The key cards manufacture field also rose because of huge demand.  

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Using Tips of Hotel Key Cards

Tip 1: Notify the hotel instantly when your key card is lost. – If your key card get lost, you should report the incidence and let the hotel cancel access of your card immediately, in case that someone got your card, enter your room and steal your objects.

Tip 2: Don’t forget to take your key card when leave your room. – If you leave room without your key card and the door is locked, you need to spend time contacting the hotel to help you open the door. That will be troublesome!


In conclusion, the key cards become smart because of the RFID technology’ application. Hotel key cards, the hotel good helpers, have been more and more popular around the world. Want to start your hotel key card business, too? Inquire us now!

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