Hospitality is one of the drastically growing industries year by year. But, security is still a significant issue in the digital world. Thanks to innovative and advanced technology, Plastic hotel key cards help hotel staff create the first impression on their guests and solve security issues.

RFID Hotel Key Cards

Evolution of RFID Hotel Key Cards

RFID technology equipped with these cards contains a chip and an antenna that allow the guests to open the hotel door when interacting with a reader installed in a system. Reputed custom hotel key card suppliers like Newbega offer impeccably designed and robust featured-based cards that guarantee the convenience, security, and flexibility your users deserve.

Why Key Cards for Hotels in the Leisure Sector?

Embracing these convenient additions to your existing business can upscale the security level and boost the reputation in the competitive world. Hotels have restricted spaces where unknown entry is strictly prohibited. The authorized person can access the facility with the help of hotel door key cards.

These are perfect alternatives to manual counterfeits, and using RFID card technology is becoming increasingly common in hotels, especially as guests continue to expect a better experience.

Is it safe to use RFID Key Cards for Hotels?

Before adopting any technique, you should always ask a question: How are plastic hotel key cards safer than physical or barcode cards? Let’s take a look here:

  1. Renowned hotel key card manufacturers & suppliers in China ensure their products are checked at every level of security and performance. For example, these new technology-based RFID hotel key cards are encoded with higher protection.
  2. The RFID keycards are available in various designs with strictly adhered quality inspection and 100% quality assurance. Only authorized persons whose data matches the system can use them.
  3. These are reusable and environmentally friendly, allowing the hotel administration to deactivate in case of loss or misplacement.
  4. One of the main advantages of using them is that they can be tailored to provide a personalized experience per user requirements.
  5. The door will be opened when the fed data is matched with an RFID reader. So, this is the only card that can open the assigned person’s room.

Some Use Cases of Hotel Door Key Cards in the Leisure Industry

These cards are cost-effective, easy to use, contribute to a well-managed hotel system, and avoid theft and misuse. Custom RFID hotel key card suppliers like Newbega offer these cards for hoteliers to enhance their guest experience.

  • Door Locks
  • Controlled Amenity Access
  • On-site payments
  • Well-organized hotel management
  • Avoid the chance of theft.
  • Boost Security
  • Grab the attention of your guests.

Hotel owners are shifting from traditional to advanced RFID technology-based cards that are durable, reusable, convenient to use, and budget-friendly choice. One of the prominent suppliers, Newbega, uses state-of-the-art equipment with unmatched quality and craftsmanship to handle any RFID card projects.

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