Some people may have ever heard of or seen RFID inlays but don’t know what they refer to specifically. Actually, they are one type of our familiar RFID tags, and are also common in our life, they are usually applied to the retail package, medicine label, air baggage tracking, logistics, etc.

Simply speaking, they can also be applied to the occasions where other RFID tags are applied. Today let’s get known of these RFID inlays, how to recognize them, and the 5 factors to find a manufacturer together!

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We have known that RFID inlays belong to the RFID tags. Well, do you know what they exactly look like and what features they have? Now let’s continue reading to make it clear.

What are RFID Inlays?

RFID inlays are the raw materials of RFID, meanwhile, they can also be directly used as the RFID tags. They are composed of a three-layer structure. The upper and lower layers are made of the 0.01mm soft transparent PVC material. The middle layer contains RFID chips and antenna (coil) at the thickness of 0.024mm. rfid dry inlay structure

How to Recognize RFID Inlays? [3 Steps] <Hot!>

Here comes a question, can you tell what kind of RFID inlays they are accurately when you see a lot of tags? Here are simple 3 steps which can help you as follows:

Step 1: Recognize RFID Inlays from Other RFID Tags

The RFID smart inlays are soft, transparent, and no printing. If you see the printing, or the material is hard, not transparent, it must be the RFID tag instead of the inlay. Therefore, it is so easy to find inlays among various tags using this method, isn’t it? As you know, different inlays also differ about the surface and the RFID frequency. Now let’s continue step 2 and step 3.

Step 2: Figure out Differences between Dry Inlays and Wet Inlays

In fact, RFID smart inlays can be divided into the RFID dry inlays and RFID wet inlays. And you can check their differences by the following table:

Inlay Types Adhesive Added
RFID Dry Inlay No
RFID Wet Inlay Yes

Wet Inlays are added the adhesive on one side of the surface so that they can be stuck to the objects’ surface, very convenient; while dry inlays can’t be stuck to some place, they can be directly put somewhere to take effect (eg. You can even put them in the keyfobs to make them the smart RFID keyfobs if you would love to, and if you have other ideas, Newbega can also help you realize them! Well, you can tap the “Inquire Now” button below to contact us now) .

Step 3: Make Sure of the RFID Inlay Frequency

Now that the wet or dry inlays are clear, as the RFID products, it is necessary to make sure of their RFID frequency. RFID inlays include HF inlays and UHF inlays, and the classification base is the same as that of the RFID chip classification.  Besides, inlays at different frequency are usually applied to different places as the following table shows:

InlaysHF InlayUHF Inlay
Applicationsbook management, smart business cards, access control, etc.used to make clothing tags, laundry tags, warehouse management tags, car windshield tags, jewelry tags, etc.

(Attention please! The LF inlay isn’t a complete tag like the HF and UHF inlay, it is just the middle layer of a RFID card, so we don’t introduce it here.) 

Newbega offer OEM/ODM services, you can choose suitable RFID tag chips for the inlays according to the applications. Or you can directly ask us for some advice by click your right “envelope” icon, we are very glad to help you~

Why Choose RFID Inlays?

Till now, we have known how to recognize RFID inlays, but why need to know about them? Are they important? What advantages do they have? Well, you can know their attractive features below:

  • Directly used, no need printing, simple.
  • Low materials consumption and simpler process, cheaper price.
  • Smaller size and thinner thickness than RFID cards and RFID tags, space saved.
  • Can be used combined with any other items according to your own ideas (eg. the sticker with the RFID chip inlay stuck to), flexible.

library rfid inlay
Thus, if you want to save cost, and don’t care so much about the design, The RFID smart inlay is absolutely your good choice! Want to customize some RFID smart inlays for your business but haven’t found a good supplier yet? Next part, we would introduce you some factors you should consider when you find a factory. Hope it helps.

Find a Suitable RFID Inlay Manufacturer? - Newbega is a Good Choice!

Honestly, a good manufacture can help you save much time, cost, energy, and can even help you avoid many risks at all stages of the transaction so it is very necessary to find a reliable one. How to know if a RFID inlay manufacturer is suitable or not? Well, you can check the following 5 main factors:

  1. Own rich industry experience, professional enough to offer you various OEM/ODM services.
  2. Good pre-sale and after-sale service, good attitude make you feel at home, and the communication more fluently. And you never worry about that nobody helps you solve your problems.
  3. Equipped with advanced producing equipment, which helps increase the producing efficiency.
  4. Take the strict management, which can make the product quality guaranteed.
  5. Have complete product lines. If you also need to corresponding products except inlays, you can directly order them at the same factory. More convenient!

rfid inlay manufacturer
Hope the factors listed above can help you find a good supplier. Well, if you don’t want spend time and energy on the searching, you can take Newbega into consideration, too. Newbega can satisfy all the factors above, and we have won the trust from our many clients for 20+ years’ efforts, and accumulated good reputation. Trust us, we would never regret you!


All in all, different products have different features and are suitable for different occasions. In this blog, you must have known what the RFID inlays are, how to recognize them, and what should consider to find a suitable supplier. Know your your demand first, then judge if smart inlays can meet your needs. 

If your answer is “yes”, the knowledge you’ve learned in this article will help you find the most suitable inlays and manufacturer! Still have any other questions about the inlays? Click the following “Inquire Now” button to ask us now~

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