Innovative and advanced technology not only boosts the company’s operational efficiency but also allows modern consumers to gain new experiences. Using wood business cards at various professional events is the perfect way to increase brand recognition so individuals know more about your products.

Wooden RFID cards have changed the definition of business cards in terms of advertisement, working efficiency, saving significant costs, and eco-friendly choices.

Wooden RFID Card

What are Custom Printed Wood RFID Cards? 

Wood business cards differ from ordinary cards that employ RFID technology and are crafted using top-of-the-line wood as the primary material. Manufacturers carefully embedded RFID chips and antennas inside these eco-friendly commercial stuff. The premium-quality wooden materials are used as an extra layer of security for RFID chips that store the user’s data. These cards help users transmit data wirelessly; the wooden exterior provides durability and a natural feel, making it more attractive to hand these cards.

Bamboo NFC business cards leverage RFID technology, which allows business professionals to interact with everyday objects and systems. Users can increase foot traffic by sharing their business profile at any event. These custom-printed wood business cards facilitate users’ wireless data transmission and enable efficient identification and tracking. Compared to plastic or PVC materials, the manufacturer’s emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable wooden cards, the latest trends, has gained momentum.

How RFID Custom-printed Wooden Visiting Cards Are New Sensation in the Business World?

Environmental-friendly and Sustainable Choice

Custom printed wood business cards reduce users’ carbon footprint and offer environmental sustainability. They are biodegradable, reduce waste, and are perfect for those looking for eco-friendly alternatives in the competitive market.

Perfect Instance of State-of-art-Craftsmanship and Customization

Rather than using plastic materials, these custom-printed wood business cards are manufactured using sustainable and eco-friendly woods, which are available in different colors, textures, and patterns. The reputed wooden business card supplier like Newbega allows you to customize your visiting cards in engravings with tailored needs, logos, and other personalized details, making them perfect for branding and marketing.

Promising Durability and Unbeatable Strength

Wooden RFID cards are known for their durability and robust features. They are ideal alternatives to counterfeit cards and withstand daily wear and tear. These business cards can be reprogrammed for new users and equipped with advanced protected coatings and finishes.

How to Use VIP Wooden RFID Card for Business?

Payment and Ticketing Systems

Using RFID technology in wooden cards opens new opportunities for their use in various applications for payments and ticketing systems. Business people can use them to make contactless payments by just bringing them to close the card reader, and information will be transferred by air and enhance the user’s experience.

Access Control and Security

Only authorized persons can access restricted areas in a warehouse or hotel premises. RFID business cards extend security in commercial spaces such as buildings, rooms, or other restricted areas.

Perfect Marketing Tool

RFID business cards act as perfect marketing tools for branding and promotions. They can be used as loyalty cards, wooden Christmas cards, gift cards, etc. Exchanging information through these business items helps you make a good first impression on others.