There are 6 common materials on the plastic card market, while another type is called Teslin which is newly developed these years. The first one is PVC: it is a non-environmental material, the quality grade can be divided into A,B,C. Grade A refers to the new materials, like Carbon, Thermal Sublimation Printer needs to use the new PVC materials; Grade B is recycled PVC materials as filling material; Grade C is 100% recycled PVC materials. The PVC cards we often make are made of new materials of Grade A;

The second is PET/PETG: 100% environmentally friendly materials recognized by international organization, degradable materials, very hard, and need to be printed by laser printers. The general approach is to use PET for the fabric and PVC film for the middle material and film to achieve the purpose of reducing costs;

The third is ABS: it is called a semi-environmental material. It cannot be formed by itself, and needs to be mixed with PVC to inherit the ductility of PVC. Features: drop-proof, waterproof, UV-proof, high melting point. Generally 30% of the ABS components are PVC, usually used in RFID keyfobs and RFID token.

The fourth is silicone: silicone is more compatible with human skin, so the most common is silicone wristbands, and there are also silicone laundry tags;

The fifth is PC: PC cards are generally used in Government projects, its physical feature is very hard, must be printed by laser printers. Because of its complicated process, the cost is very high, and there are rare on the market.

The sixth type is paper: the paper we often say refers to coated paper. Non-100% environmentally friendly materials: 30% PVC is mixed to inherit the ductility of PVC. Black cardboard and pearl paper are sometimes used. The surface of black cardboard is rough, so it is only suitable for hot stamping process, not suitable for printing. Pearl paper is generally used for customers which has metallic design request.

The last NEW material is called Teslin: 100% environmentally friendly material. Among rarely Teslin cards suppliers, Newbega is the one who make Teslin card nice and cost-saving. Contact our team for more info at