Technology advancement is a boon for the modern business world that has changed the way business scenarios with positive vibes. Using Mifare desfire card system can’t be overlooked when enhancing the security level. This high-grade encryption technology featured cards have a massive demand for various applications that provide a contactless solution. It includes public transportation, student ID cards, ticketing, payment systems, and building access control.

Mifare Desfire Card System

This blog section will discuss mifare desfire ev3, its features, and its use cases.

What do you mean by Mifare Desfire EV3?

Mifare Desfire EV3 is the latest addition to the family of intelligent card chipsets from NXP. These are specially designed to boost the higher level of security in terms of AES128 encryption, secure channel-based file transfer, and proximity checks to shield the card information from any cyber attack.

Why should businesses invest in Mifare Desfire Card Systems?

The Mifare Desfire card systems are small, plastic cards embedded with a chip that allows the reader to communicate. The Mifare smart card technology was introduced in 1944 for transport passes. Nowadays, reputed Mifare Desfire EV3 card manufacturers like NewBega offer these most widely demanded smart chip cards for access control applications.

The chip inside these cards holds an internal antenna, which inactivates when it comes close to the reader’s magnetic field. One of the main advantages of using Mifare Desfire EV3 card systems is that they permit access only to authorized entities. The stored data inside these cards and communication gives you a higher encryption feature, boosting security.

Applications that use Mifare Desfire Cards Systems

Mifare Desfire ev3 card suppliers and manufacturers like NewBega manufacture these top-of-the-line cards for various usages, such as access control cards, event ticketing, hotel key cards, public transport ticketing, fuel cards, cashless payments, loyal cards, and many more.

Features of Mifare Desfire EV3

Robust Security System

Leverage the power of mifare desfire ev3 cards that deliver AES 128 encryption features and provide secure channel-based file transfer with higher protection against attacks.

Boost User Privacy

By assigning a random UID, the card ensures the user’s privacy from an unauthorized person.

Delivers the Flexibility

Renowned Mifare Desfire EV3 Card Manufacturer offers these cards in various profiles that can be picked based on your best fit for your access control system. These are custom-designed and compatible and deliver higher security and large capacity. Moreover, these are used in bus cards, high-end membership cards, and other fields.

Use Cases of Mifare Desfire Cards

The Mifare desfire cards are not limited to a particular application. These versatile Mifare technologies are used in various applications, such as cards, key fobs, and wristbands. Let’s discuss some use cases of these cards, such as:

Employee Access Cards

When new employees join the team in a company, Mifare Desfire EV3 cards enable them to access the building restriction area of the specific department and any other special permission to access. Moreover, these cards can also be widely used for staff cafeterias and office gyms.

Event Ticketing

The Mifare Desfire EV3 chip-based bands can be used as entry tickets for guests along with additional funds for them to use for cashless payments at the event. The users facilitate this technology to order their drinks or food without worrying about cash and bank cards.

Public Transport

The most popular use of Mifare Desfire card systems in transportation is to access buses and trains.

NewBega- Mifare Desfire ev3 Card Manufacturer in China

Are you seeking Mifare Desfire cards for your business needs? NewBega is a trustworthy supplier of these advanced technology-featured cards that elevate the security of your access control system. Contact us now!