Hotels, typical temporary abodes for vacationers and business travelers, are here and there. Most people are not strange about the key card for hotel when we talk about a hotel, I guess. With this card, for one part, the hotel management are clearer and higher effective, for another part, customers’ checking in, checking out operations are are faster, the door access are also more convenient and safe…

hotel key card introduction

As time goes by, the hotel key card has become the vital tool in the hotel smart management. So how much do you know about it? Do you know how to make it? Following that, we’ll delve deeper into it including:

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As you know, to know a thing systematically, it’s better to get it clear that what it is first. Thus let’s begin with what a hotel key card is! 

What is a Key Card for Hotel?

Generally speaking, the hotel key card is a plastic card at the size of a credit card, whose main functions are to open the door to a specific room in a simpler way – swiping it on the lock system and the door will be opened; and get the using right of water & electricity.

You may have ever seen key cards in your daily lives such as the wood key card, PVC card, metal card, etc. These key cards are made of different materials, while here are other classification methods actually such as crafts and shapes. 

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Now let’s take the crafts classification method for example to make a general classification for hotel key cards!

3 Types of Hotel Key Card

Hotel key cards can be divided into 3 sorts according to different crafts, they are magnetic stripe key card, hole punch key card, and RFID hotel key cards respectively. Now let’s check these 3 sorts in details:

Type 1: Magnetic Stripe Card - Once Popular

Magnetic stripe cards, with the black, gold, or silver magnetic stripe, were once quite popular. Their using method is similar to a credit card. Just draw the magnetic stripe across the fixed track to make the data stored in the magnetic stripe able to be read by the door lock, and then the door will be opened.

However, although Magnetic strip cards are convenient, their magnetic stripes can easily get damaged for the frequent drawing across the track, meanwhile, they are lack of security because they don’t support the data encryption. Thus they are rapidly phased out.

rfid warehouse systems

Type 2: Hole Punch Card - Rarely Seen Already

Hole punch cards, with special holes which fit the door lock, have ever been used by many hotels before. The using method is also simple. Just insert them into door lock hole, the door will be opened.

However, it is not safe because it is easy to make a total same hole puch card. Therefore, as technology develops, more advanced key cards are taking place of hole punch cards. Till now, it has already been hard to find a hole punch key card on the market.

hole punch card

Type 3: RFID Hotel Key Card - Widely Used

RFID key cards, also called the radio frequency identification key cards, are the most extensively utilized key cards in the hotel business at the moment. Why? Here are several reasons as follows:

  • Simple Use – swipe them on the door locks, then the door opened.
  • Secure – can be encrypted which makes them difficult to be copied.
  • Convenient – small enough to be put into a wallet.

rfid key card for hotel

Simply speaking, RFID hotel key cards are both useful and convenient, and are gradually take place of other two types of key cards mentioned above. Then, how to make a key card especially the RFID hotel key card? You may be interested in its producing process, I guess.

How to Make a Key Card for Hotel?<Hot!>

As you know, in modern society, smart cards are popular. The hole punch cards don’t belong to the smart cards, but the magnetic stripe cards and the RFID cards do. Compared with the normal cards, the smart key cards don’t only need to be printed but also need programming before being used. Now that the RFID cards are far more popular, today we would introduce RFID Hotel key cards for example.

Get a RFID Hotel Key Card Printed

Although some hotels directly use blank RFID card, most hotels prefer beautifully printed RFID key cards to make their hotel brands, culture, and service more widely known thereby attract more customers and make the former customers keep trusting them meanwhile. 

Well, to make a beautifully printed RFID hotel key card, a simple and elegant design and suitable crafts are necessary. How to make it, you can check the following steps: 

Firstly, you can prepare your favorite card printing hotel key card design at PDF file format, and mark the corresponding crafts of each card sides.

Secondly, you can contact a card factory like Newbega RFID Technology (a professional RFID hotel key card maker with 20+ years’ good reputation, you can click the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us and know more more about us) to help you make several samples according to your PDF file. At the same time, you can ask your supplier to program these RFID key card samples for you to test according to the instructions at the next part.

Then, you can check the samples to judge if you are satisfied with the printing and the card samples work well.

Finally, if the price and samples are both okay, and you believe that card factory, you can make a bulk order for your business.  

Program a RFID Hotel Key Card

Program means the command preset for the RFID card. Maybe you are curious about the program steps as follows:

Step 1: Card Encryption

Encrypt the RFID card with a card reader authorized by the lock factory to obtain an initial high-security hotel card.

Step 2: Software Installation

Prepare a computer usually only for Windows system, install the hotel door lock card management software on this computer, and connect the card reader that matches the software.

Step 3: Permissions Assignment

Place the initial hotel room card on the card reader, and generate hotel cards with different permissions according to according to the management mode and organizational structure of the hotel.

For example, the hotel master key card with the door opening authority of all rooms, the hotel floor key card assigned to the staff who are responsible for cleaning, the hotel VIP card for some customers who booked VIP services to enter the swimming pools, restaurants, gyms, spas, etc.

rfid hotel key card permission assignment

How does a Hotel Key Card Work?

If you carefully check the hotel key card, you many easily find that there is usually an operation guide on the back of the card. So how does it work? Generally speaking, a RFID hotel key card has 2 major functions for customers – access control and water and electricity obtain. Here is the working process in details below:

How to Control the Door Access?

Place the card against the lock sensor, when the blue light is on, you can successful entry, on the contrary, the red light will be on, and it indicates an error occurred, at which time, you can ask the hotel for help.

What about Obtaining Water and Electricity?

After entering the room, you need to turn on the light and take a shower perhaps. However, there aren’t water nor electricity, so how to obtain them? Simple! Just insert the card into the power switch on the wall, also the room’s power supply, you can get both the water and electricity using permission right away.

rfid hotel key card inserted into power switch

In addition, the hotel card using has the time limitation, and it can normally work only during the validity period established according to your booked days by the front desk employees when you checked in. If you need to extend your booked days, don’t forget to ask the hotel to renew your card validity, or it will be invalid.

By the way, when you check out, you need to return the hotel card, and the card will be reset first and reused by the hotel.


All in all, hotel key cards are essential for hotel management in modern society. Among the 3 types of hotel key cards, the magnetic stripe key card and the RFID hotel key card can well protect the users’ privacy and door access safety because of the good encryption measures. 

The exposed magnetic stripe of the former is easy to be scratched while the embedded RFID chip in the latter isn’t. Therefore, the RFID hotel key card still has become the 1st choice for many hotels even if the RFID card appeared last.

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