When you stay at a luxury hotel, you may have seen the use of RFID hotel room key cards, which are an essential part of hospitality businesses. These cards empower the hoteliers to ensure their guest’s security and elevate their experience on the premises.

Commonly, these plastic hotel key cards are used by the guests when they enter the hotel room and prevent the unauthorized person in the restricted area. So, the guests ensure their belongings are safe, whether they are entrepreneurs or top-business executives.

RFID Hotel Room Key Cards

What are RFID Hotel Room Key Cards?

Usually, the hotel room key holds a magnetic stripe that leverages the power of near-field communication (NFC) technology with an RFID chip. These specific cards have massive demand in the hospitality industry for versatile functionalities such as hotel room access, quicker payments, information transfer, and coupon storage.

These RFID hotel room key cards are considered the perfect alternative to their counterfeits and provide more convenience to guests when they stay on hotel premises.

Working process of RFID-based Hotel Key Cards

The uses of these advanced technology-featured objects are new sensations in the hospitality industry. Before allowing the room, the staff feeds the information of the guests inside the card, such as room number, date of granted access, data of removed access, guest number, etc.

Embracing RFID-based cards for your hotel business is the best contactless solution for hoteliers to bring the guest’s security to the next level. When the guest brings close to his card to the reader, it matches the identity and provides access authentication quickly and efficiently.

Is It Worthwhile to Invest in RFID Plastic Key Cards for Hotels Rather than Counterparts?

Compared to simple hotel key cards, these RFID-equipped cards use advanced technology and are straightforward to use rather than magnetic stripe cards and hold cards. After COVID-19, using these valuable additions is the latest trend in hotel businesses that allow guests to enter rooms without touching the key card system. In this process, radio waves are used to communicate with the card system.

Is it a Safer Choice for Hoteliers?

One of the main advantages of using RFID-based hotel key cards is that they are reusable, which reduces the cost of business operations. These can’t be copied and hacked by an unauthorized person and are a safer choice for hoteliers. Suppose the guest loses his card; the hotel staff deactivated the issued card quickly to prevent any hotel security threats.

Did you know that RFID-based keycards use high-encryption security features according to industry standards? It is impossible to duplicate, unlike QR-code keycards.

No one else opens your room without your permission. RFID keycards are radio frequency waves to match the data with an RFID reader placed at your door.

How to Find a Reliable Hotel Key Card Printing Service?

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