Product Name: Long Distance UHF Silicone Laundry Tag


NEWBEGA Long distance UHF silicone laundry tag is our newest laundry tag, it is most substantial characteristic is good reading performance, can read from 5 meters normally, it substantially improved the convenience of using the laundry tag.

With is extra hole design, it is much more convenient to attach to the apparel. And encasing durable high temperature resistant inlay in silicone housing, forms a very soft RFID tag, which minimize the harm to high end clothes during high pressure and high temperature laundry process.

PI substrate of the inlay extend the life cycle of NEWBEGA silicone laundry tag to 400 time of life cycles. Our silicone tag is a green, non-toxic, wear durable tag, tailored for high end clothes washing, luxury hotel laundry. Also, applies to medical logistics and other specialized areas.

1. Product Name: Silicone Laundry Tag
2. Material: Silicone
3. Frequency: 15/13.56MHz
4. Chip: H3/Icode2
5. Dimension: 110±0.2mm(L)*22mm±0.2(W)* 2mm(H) customizable
6. Color: Blue
7. Reading distance: 5m (depending on reading device)
8. Working Temperature: -20~70℃
9. Storage Temperature: -40~85℃

1. Flexible, with two hole each end, easy to fix.
2. Non-toxic, non-cracked, long life time.
3. Water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-vibration, high temperature durable.
4. Soft silicone material, no harm to the things it works with.

1. Identification of textile and garment for hotels, hospitals and nursing home.
2. Car engine maintenance signs, chemical raw materials tracking, used in harsh environment like: high temperature, wearable, durable, corrosion, etc.