Product Name: Luggage Identification Cable Tie


RFID Pallet Tags are a passive RFID transponder customized for pallet management, encapsulated by Rugged ABS material, similar size as clamshell card, but with 4 holes on each corner of the tag, very convenient to be fixed on the pallet.

Mainly used for identification and addressing control of the wooden or plastic pallets. It is widely used for tracking big lot of goods in big companies and in the logistic industrial, and can dramatically improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

1. Product Name: Pallet Tag
2. Material: ABS
3. Dimension: 85.6*54*4mm
4. Frequency: UHF
5. Chip: H3
6. Breaking Strength: >800N
7. Color: White
8. Printing: Sticker: silkscreen printing, offset printing, electronic printing
     ABS shell: silkscreen printing
9. Package: 100pcs/box, 2000pcs/carton
10. Coding: Laser engraving, painting.

1. Far reading distance, easy for positioning and tracking.
2. Magnet is available, can be attached to metal surface easily.
3. Passive working mode, no battery need.
4. Easy to operate, quick, reliable, and long life.

Install the pallet tag on the wooden or plastic pallet, or attached to metal equipment by magnet. Divide the warehouse in grid, and install the fixed reader in different grid. In the system, we can easily found the pallet tag is in the range of which reader, and judge which physical area the pallet is in, so to track and position different batch of goods. Widely used in RFID inventory, warehouse, trucking and logistics applications.