As you can see, in modern society, RFID cards are here are there and have been tightly connected with people’s daily lives. For example, the RFID key card for the door access, RFID membership card for VIP member identification, RFID clamshell card for employee identity card, etc.

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So many RFID cards, right? Do you know how to identify them? Well, in this article, we would introduce 4 methods to classify the RFID card, and how to determine exact RFID card types. Let’s start to explore it now~

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Some people may not think it necessary to know the card types, directly buy them from suppliers, simple, right? Really? Now let’s discuss it together!

Do You Need to Make Sure of RFID Card Types?

Actually, it couldn’t be better if you have some reliable suppliers and they can accurately recommend you suitable cards at reasonable price and offer you good after-sale services meanwhile every time when you tell them your requirements.

However, not all card suppliers are such good suppliers so you need to know some knowledge about the RFID cards to avoid some unnecessary loss(eg. cheated by unreliable suppliers, got products at low quality and spent more money than others…).

Generally speaking, here are 2 main advantages of making sure of card types below:

If you want to custom RFID cards for your business, the more about the card knowledge you know, the more time and money you can save. That is to say, if you know enough card knowledge, you can quickly know which type of RFID card is more suitable for your business, find a professional card factory, and tell it your requirement then start producing. No need to spend much time on card type choosing. Great!

Advantage 2: You can Find Suitable Card Readers according to Chip Card Types.

If you have chip cards and want to find suitable card readers for them, it would help a lot if you know which type your chip cards belong to. For instance, if your cards are UHF RFID cards, you could directly choose a UHF card reader to read these cards. Similarly, if you want to pick a RFID reader for your dual frequency cards, a professional dual frequency reader(eg. N-SR002 RFID tag reader) is a good choice!

dual frequency rfid reader

That is to say, whether you want to choose chip cards or card readers, knowing RFID card types and corresponding knowledge will help you make more brilliant choice. Well, if you indeed don’t want to spend time on knowledge studying, you can also find a reliable card supplier to help you.


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Till now, you might have known the necessities of card types and corresponding knowledge; as well as the alternative – to find a good supplier if you don’t know much about the product knowledge. (By the way, if you can handle more knowledge, it will absolutely be helpful when you are searching for a good factory. ) Then, do you know how to classify these RFID cards? Next, let’s explore it together!

4 Methods to Classify RFID Cards <Hot!>

Generally speaking, here are 4 main classification methods as follows:

Method 1: Classify RFID Cards by RFID Frequency

As we discussed in How to Classify RFID Chips? [4 Easy Methods], here are 3 types of chips according to RFID frequency – low frequency RFID chip, high frequency RFID chip, and ultra high frequency RFID chip.

That is to say, the smart cards embedded with RFID chips can also be divided 3 types – LF card, HF card, and UHF card. Cards at different frequencies have different features and applications just like what we have mentioned at the article above.

Method 2: Make Sure of RFID Smart Card Types via RFID Chip Position

Actually, there are 2 RFID embedding methods. One is that the chip is embedded inside the card, it is totally covered by the card, just like the touchless NFC metal card, you can’t see it directly with your eyes (but you can see it with the help of flashlight). This type is called the contactless RFID card.

contactless rfid card

The other one is that the chip embedded on the card surface, just as the contact IC card, you can see and touch the chip. This type is known as the contact chip card. (Attention please! The contact chip card doesn’t have the frequency.)

Method 3: Judge the Type of RFID Cards through Card Materials

As you know, cards can be made of different materials including plastic, wood, metal, paper, epoxy, etc. Therefore, they can be divided into different types according to the card materials. For example, the plastic card, wood card, metal card, paper card, epoxy card, and so on. Generally, every materials have their own obvious features and you can directly recognize these card accurately via their materials.

Method 4: Make Clear if the Cards are Encrypted or not to Know the RFID Card Types

In fact, some RFID cards need to be encrypted to raise the using safety such as the payment card, transportation card, hotel key card, private house key card, etc. Some information related to the personal privacy and payment password needs to be encrypted in order not to be duplicated by other people, so that the unnecessary loss would be avoided at some degree.

rfid metro card

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Now that RFID card classification is clear, let’s talk about how to determine which type they belong to in details next!

4 Steps to Determine RFID Smart Card Types

Simply speaking, there are 4 steps to judge which type the RFID cards belong to as follows:

Step 1: Make clear the card materials by seeing and touching them, then judge which types they belong to, the PVC card, metal card, wood card, paper card or epoxy card.

Step 2: Observe the RFID chip position to know if this card is the contact RFID card or contactless chip card. If you can see and touch the chip on the card surface without any tool, this card is the contact IC card; if not, it is the contactless RFID card.blank contact ic card

Step 3: Point the light of the flashlight at the card, you can see the RFID chip inside the contactless RFID card. You can observe the coil shape and turns to get known of the RFID chip frequency, also the chip card type.

As the following image shows, the coil shapes of LF and HF chips are generally round or square, while the coil shapes of UHF chips are irregular, so you can pick the UHF chips out. As for the LF and HF chips, the coil turns of the LF chips are obvious much more than those of HF chips.rfid chip coil

Step 4: As for the HF card, you can read this card with a NFC Android phone (the app taginfo or NFC Tools needs to be installed on it). If this card is encrypted, you may find the similar words like “key unavailable”  on the app, or there will show “Yes” on the “Protected by password” line of the app data reading interface(or shows “No“, if it is not encrypted).

judge rfid card encrypted or not

If the card is LF or UHF card, you need to spend much time searching the suitable RFID reader to read it first, then you can judge. This process is a little bit complex so it may be easier to directly consult us by click your right “envelope” icon.

Having known these steps, it would be easy to know what kind of RFID card you have, right? Have a try now~



In conclusion, in this article, you can know why we need to know the RFID card types, how to classify these RFID cards, what to do to determine which types the RFID cards belong to, and how helpful it is if you can find a reliable supplier, etc. It is absolutely a good idea to know more knowledge about the RFID cards and corresponding products if you want to get satisfied products faster at reasonable price. 

However, if you have something else important to deal with and are not allowed to spend much time studying these knowledge, a good supplier like Newbega can help you reach your aim, too. Why not give a chance to us to help you? Tap the “Inquire Now” button below to start our cooperation now~

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