Mifare cards have always been a popular choice for businesses around the world from the day it releases. However, with so many types available such as Mifare 1k cards and the latest release of Desifire EV2 8K in the industry. Which one is better for your needs? It seems to be a confusing task.

mifare 1k cards

To help you resolve this confusion, here’s an insight into Mifare 1k cards that are in demand and can also meet the data security needs of your business applications.

Before starting the name of the most demanding Mifare cards, keep in mind that for your business operations, the best Mifare option will be the one that meets your requirements, including security, quantity, and capacity of the data the card can store. To know the content of this blog fast, let’s check the following catalog first:

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What is Mifare 1K Card?

Mifare 1k cards refer to the Mifare cards with the data storage at 1k(that is 1024 bytes), and they conclude several card series such as the Mifare Desfire 1k cards, Mifare Classic 1k cards, Mifare Ultralight 1k cards, Clone Mifare 1k cards and so on. Want to know more about Mifare cards? Click the following button to contact us now.


Popular Mifare Card Type

There are several types of Mifare technologies available in the market, but of them, some Mifare cards have distinct traits that make them stand apart and attract the business’s attention. Such demanding Mifare 1k popular types include the following technology cards:

RFID Mifare Classic Card

It is an ideal card for those business looking to access a versatile card. Compliant with ISO standards and are available with 1KB & 4KB of memory, the Mifare classic card provides a reliable entry option for those looking for ticketing, event entry, mass payment systems. The key applications of Mifare classic cards are:

  • Electrical toll collection
  • Loyalty cards
  • Car parking
  • Legacy access control system

Mifare Desfire EV2 Card

This card best serves the business that is looking for a technology Mifare card to transmit the data quickly and safely. The tech-advanced Mifare Desfire EV2 withstands several application requirements, including the data storage need. The card ensures robust security and is an ideal source for an access control system. The key application area of the Mifare Desifire card includes:

  • Access control and management system
  • Staff/visitor/student identity cards
  • Proof of identity

Mifare Desifire EV2

Mifare Desfire EV2 4K Card

With more capacity for storing data and withstands business requirements, Mifare Desfire EV2 4K is an advanced version of the security access card. This card allows for the straightforward migration of the Mifare classic security system. The major applications for this upgraded storage card include:

Mifare Desifire EV2 4k

How to Choose Suitable Mifare 1K Cards?

As we can see from the Mifare card types shown above, different types have their own suitable applications. Just make sure of what you want these cards to do, then choose the best type for your bussiness. By the way, don’t forget to check the Mifare 1k card specification before making a decision.


These are the most demanding and versatile kinds of Mifare upgraded cards that businesses nowadays can count on. To make the best use of the Mifare cards, be sure to get them from a trusted source like Newbega and make your data secure and safe! Click the “inquire Now” button to contact us now!

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