Mifare Classic 1K Paradox C705R proximity key tag

This key tag is used for Paradox access control systems, which mainly use Mifare Classic 1K,Mifare Desfire 2K and Mifare Desfire 4K chip inside. Most of the factory use glue to put the ABS clamshell together, but our factory use Ultra Sound Equipment, in this way keyfob tag would be more fixed.

Product Details
Operating temperature:-30℃ to 60℃
Color:Blue, Red, Green and Black
Main Features:

  • New, sleek design;
  • 4 color selection;
  • Attaches conveniently to a key ring;
  • Durable plastic housing;
  • Passive (no battery required);

Package: 200pcs/box ,3000pcs/carton or customize
Application:Attendance systems, access control
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Product Description
Mifare Classic 1K Paradox C705R proximity key tag
Chip:Mifare Classic 1K

This chipset for this type can be optional, not only limited to HF chips;
For T5577 and EM4305, we do accept Wiegand 26 format;
We do provide pre-code service, clients may need to provide us the encoder;
We do provide hotel key card which is compatible with ADEL hotel lock, BE-TECH hotel lock, Motolong hotel lock, Digi hotel lock, LEVEL lock, Tengo hotel lock, Vingcard, HID etc.