Mifare Desfire EV2 2K proximity card

MIFARE DESFire EV2 (MF3D(H)x2) is the latest addition to the MIFARE DESFire product family introducing new features along with enhanced performance for best user experience.

Featuring an on-chip backup management system and the mutual three pass authentication, a MIFARE DESFire EV2 card can hold as many applications as the memory can accommodate. Each application can hold up to 32 files with various data configurations. The size of each file is defined at the moment of its creation, making MIFARE DESFire EV2 a truly flexible and convenient product. An automatic anti-tear mechanism is available for all file types, guaranteeing transaction oriented data integrity.

Product Details
Operating temperature:-30℃ to 60℃
Color:CMYK printing, Silk-Printing,Digital printing etc.
Features:Water-proof, moisture-proof,shock-proof, high temperature resistance.
Package: 200pcs/box ,3000pcs/carton or customize
Application:Secure public transport ticketing, Multi-application smart city and mobility card, Secure access management, Micro-payment and Loyalty, Student ID, Road tolling and parking, Hospitality, Event ticketing.
Available craft:Barcode, Scratch off panel, Signature panel, Spray number, Laser number, Embossing, etc. Bellow see part of our crafts:

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Product Description
Mifare Desfire EV2 2K proximity card
Chip:Mifare Desfire EV2 2K
RF Protocol:ISO14443A
Reading distance:5 – 10cm typically
Fast programming cycles (erase/write) 1 ms
Data retention of 25 years
Write endurance typcial 500 000 cycles

New features on MIFARE DESFIVE EV2
– MIsmartApp (Delegated Application Management) – Memory reuse in DAM applications (Format Application) – Transaction MAC on application level – Multiple Key Sets per application with fast key rolling mechanism (up to 16 sets) – Accessing files from any two applications during a single transaction – Multiple keys assignment for each file access rights (up to 8) – Virtual Card Architecture for enhanced card/application selection on multi-VC devices with privacy protection – Proximity Check for protection against Relay Attacks – Originality Check for proof of genuine NXP’s product – New EV2 Secure Messaging based on AES (similar with MIFARE Plus’s secure messaging)

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