MIFARE Plus S2K proximity card

Migrate contactless smart card systems to the next security level. MIFARE Plus® brings your existing system up to benchmark AES security with Common Criteria Certification EAL4+. After personalization, MIFARE Plus uses its “backward compatible mode” to behave like MIFARE Classic—giving you time to make your existing system AES-ready.

Product Details
Operating temperature:-30℃ to 60℃
Color:CMYK printing, Silk-Printing,Digital printing etc.
Features:Water-proof, moisture-proof,shock-proof, high temperature resistance.
Package: 200pcs/box ,3000pcs/carton or customize
Application:Public transportation, Access management, Electronic toll collection, Loyalty and micro-payment.
Available craft:Barcode, Scratch off panel, Signature panel, Spray number, Laser number, Embossing, etc. Bellow see part of our crafts:

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MIFARE Plus S2K proximity card
* 7-byte UID, 4-byte NUID
* Supports ISO/IEC 14443-31 Random ID for all UID types
* Communication speed up to 848 kbps
* Freely configurable access conditions
* Security Level (SL) concept for seamless migration from legacy infrastructure to high level SL3 security
* Sequential writing of the personalization keys (in SL0)
* AES-128 cryptography for authentication and secure messaging (optional in SL1, mandatory in SL3)
* SL3 Card Security Level or sector-by-sector security level upgrade possible (Sector Security Level)
* SL1SL3Mix mode to allow secure back-end connections into SL1 sectors
* Multi-sector authentication, multi-block read and write
* Anti-tearing mechanism for AES keys, sector trailers, configuration and optionally for data block writing
* Virtual card concept using ISO/IEC 7816-4 compliant selection method
* Proximity check fully ISO/IEC 14443-3 compliant
* Transaction MAC on value and data blocks
* Direct commit personalization from SL0 to SL1 or SL3
* Common Criteria Certification: EAL5+ targeted
* ECC Originality signature

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