NBG-AK009 Mifare Classic 1K keyfob

The key fob tag is made of ABS clamshell and RFID coil with chip. NewBega offers 10 different types of key fob for your choosing, which will show different appearance. The key fob is quite convenient to carry also hold nice appearance, it is widely used for access control, time attendance, keycards or e-payment etc.

RFID Key Fobs For Diverse Fields Of Application- Elegance Meets Technology

New Bega is the technology-focused engineering firm specializing in RFID and dedicated to manufacturing RFID key fobs– smaller than regular keys but more technology-centric. Our key fobs combine elegance and cutting-edge technology. Despite our manufactured RFID fobs’ creative shape and design, the reading range (depending on the type of reader being integrated) of our key fobs can be optimally adapted to your needs to improve the efficiency of the management. Our key fob has two major components: one is a microchip that stores the data and the other one is an antenna to receive and transmit the data safely. Additionally, the New Bega top line of key fobs suit many application needs, including:

  • Access control
  • Attendance control
  • Time tracking
  • Identification of guests/any person
  • Logistics
  • Industrial automation
  • Tickets/casino token
  • Membership
  • Public transportation
  • E-payment

And the list continues… wherever you can find the possibility of crowd our key fobs find its place for effective use with no technical bugs. Here at New Bega, you will find a range of RFID integrated as well as NFC key tag Mifare 1K differentiating in design, color, and technology. Moreover, our advanced tech-featured key fobs have all of the advantages of conventional keys: ultrasonically welded, waterproof, and with a custom print upon the client’s request. Features Of RFID Key Fobs

  • The body and caps of New Bega RFID and NFC key fobs are made out of standard quality material
  • Resistant to dust, dirt, and humidity- sealing constructed by ultrasonic welding
  • Available in a range of color options with long-lasting and quality-grade frame
  • Tamper-proof to provide a satisfactory user experience
  • Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use due to humidity resistance
  • Combine two technologies in one key fob with the sustainability of reading/recording
  • Constructed to be reliable and durable in most of the extreme conditions

Personalize Key Fob In Accordance To Your Special Needs We also support you with personalized and coded RFID key fobs by full-color printing or long-lasting laser engraving, using your logo, a number, or any graphic motive. If you any other query or want to know the best-suited key fobs for your business, we are right here to help you.

Product Details Size:44*31mm*5.5mm Material:ABS Operating temperature:-30℃ to 60℃ Color:Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple etc. Features:Water-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, high temperature resistance. Package: 100pcs/box ,5000pcs/carton or customize MOQ:500pcs Application:Attendance systems, access control, parking card, ID card, transportation tickets, key cards, hotel key card. TEL:+86-133-5297-4392    E-mail : sales@newbegarfidtech.com

Product Description NBG-AK009 Mifare Classic 1K keyfob Chip:Mifare Classic 1K Frequency:13.56MHZ Memory:1024bits Function:Read and Write Writing Cycle:100,000 times Warranty:1Year Lead time:7 Calendar Days Available craft:Logo Printing, Silkscreen printing, Numbering etc. Logo Requirement:AI/CDR/PDF format Files