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rfid chip

RFID technology for Smart Linen Installed Core

RFID technology is a technology that uses radio waves for non-contact automatic identification. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, RFID technology is more and more widely used in different application scenarios....
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Implant chip

Keep Pets Safe with RFID Pet Tags

Pets have become an indispensable part of modern life. As more and more people keep pets, the number of pets is increasing, and the problem is becoming more and more prominent. Whether it is the loss of cats or dogs or seeing a doctor, it needs to be managed and regulated. The best solution is to implant...
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RFID Animal Tag to Ensure Meat Safety: Explore the Source of Live Pig Slaughter

In recent years, people pay more and more attention to food safety and quality, and pay more and more attention to the source of food. For the traceability of live pig slaughter, especially for the traceability of live pig slaughter...
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AsReader Publish Paddle-Type RFID Readers that can Expand your Reads

Japanese company AsReader has recently released several new products that provide radio frequency identification (RFID) reading capabilities for locations with limited reading environments. One of the Paddle-Type RFID readers...
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rfid code

SATO and NiceLabel to Release a One-stop NFC / HF RFID Code Solution

SATO Holdings Corporation, a global pioneer in automatic identification and labeling solutions, has announced that its 4-inch print width CT4-LX and CL4NX Plus RFID printers can now use HF and NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF2) commands with...
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rfid inventory

Eglin Air Force Base in Florida Uses RFID Inventory Technology to Optimize Air Force Logistics Systems

The project, Real-Time Inventory Management, focuses on new methods of inventory tracking within one of the squadron’s warehouses...
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