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rfid tags

Equipped with ImpinjM781, High-memory and High-sensitivity Impinj RFID Tags are Popularized in India

Recently, Perfect ID, a world-renowned RFID company, said it has released a high-memory toll lane tag , which is more sensitive than ordinary large-memory tags....
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Impinj rfid

Impinj the Formal Acquisition of Voyantic, RFID Field of Strong Combination!

Recently, Impinj announced that it has officially acquired Voyantic. It is reported that after the completion of the acquisition...
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insurance cards

UC San Diego Health Spotlights SMART Health Insurance Cards

During a digital health symposium this week, Christopher Longhurst, MD, with UC San Diego Health, pulled up a QR code from his phone's digital wallet, scanned it at a check-in kiosk and instantly displayed how his medical insurance information was retrieved...
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card of wood

Wood Cards Offer Hotels a New Solution for Plastic Waste Reduction

With mounting public pressure to ban straws, plastic bags, and other plastic single-use products, many hoteliers, which consume vast amounts of single-use plastics that end up as landfill, are looking for alternative options in line with their budgetary constraints and customer...
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HLA: Purchasing Nearly 200 Million UHF RFID tag a Year

It is said that on the assembly line and chain stores of HLA, the purchase of "Internet of Clothes" and automation will cost 30 million US dollars a year. "Men's Wardrobe" and chips have indeed been rumored, and HLA has long...
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smart rfid

Heavy! Invengo & Adidas Join Forces to Lead a New Chapter of Smart Retail

As a leader in the global sporting goods industry, Adidas has been promoting the digital transformation of its stores, using digital means to strengthen the construction of smart stores. Adhering to the brand's sustainable development...
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