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nft protect

US Record Label Uses Protection Labels to Authenticate

Music fans, investors and collectors who purchase exclusive limited edition vinyl albums released by US company Vinylkey can authenticate their purchase, register proof of ownership and link to unique digital assets by tapping an NFC tag...
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key fob manufacturer

Fun Products that look like Key Chains are Becoming a Trend!

Key chains is a very common item in our life, it can be used for decoration or access control card. The latter only needs to be equipped with a chip to have the function of an electronic key. However, human thinking and creativity are unlimite...
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DIY dog tags

360 Million Views, Personalized Dog Tags are Favored by Pet Owners!

In recent years, the pet industry has developed rapidly. According to research and markets data, the global pet market will be worth US$232.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$332.9 billion in 2026....
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titanium card making

Apple Card Made of Titanium are Beautiful but also Easy to Wear Out

In 2019, Apple launched the thinnest and lightest product in history: the credit card Apple Card. made of titanium, with a high-quality all-metal, all-white background, minimalist style, and a full sense of technology...
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Rfid power

"Battery Passport" Helps RFID Power Leverage New Energy

When talking about RFID power, people generally think of the application in shoes and clothing, retail, logistics and other scenarios first. It is true that most of the market for RFID comes from the retail of shoes and clothing....
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electronic pull tabs

Legislature Plans Restrictions on Electronic Pull Tabs

A finish-line addition to this year's tax bill will clamp down on electronic pull tabs, which have become a cash cow in Minnesota since they were legalized to pay for the Vikings stadium in 2012. The session's big tax...
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