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rfid inlay tag

Based on Impinj and NXP, Tageos Launched the Latest RAIN RFID Inlay

Tageos, a global supplier of sustainable, high-performance RFID inlays and tags, has announced the release of three new EOS-261inlays, marking the creation of a new retail-specific product line for Tageos...
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rfid provider

SML Plays Leading Role in RFID in Retail

Today, RFID is reaching into many markets, but retail remains its stronghold. For SML, that is ideal, as its strength is in the retail market space, having produced 3 billion tags last year alone. SML’s beginnings came in 1985, when it first started making labels for apparel, and expanded its reach into southern China. ...
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block chain

Lowe's Unveils New Technology to Fight Theft Use RFID Microchips and Block Chain

Lowe's has unveiled a new solution developed by its Innovation Labs division aimed at combating retail theft in ways invisible to customers by using RFID microchips and block...
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disney card

Disney Premier Visa Card Members Can Get 100th Anniversary Metal Card Design This Year

In 2022, Chase Bank, Visa and Walt Disney announced new progress in the Disney Visa card program, with new and existing Disney Premier Visa card holders having the chance to receive...
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Fashion + Technology Double Guarantee, UR RFID Eas Layout Announced Completion

The application of digitalization in the fashion industry may not be as earth-shattering as aviation and other fields, but it is closely related to everyone's daily life. A few days ago...
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nfc tags

Nashville Wine Festival Set up NFC Tags to Offer Bespoke Customer Experiences

Visitors to the recent Nashville Predators WineFest in Tennessee in the USA were able to access exclusive digital content provided by nearly 90 retailers taking part in the fundraising event by tapping NFC tags...
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