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rfid chicken tags

Revolutionizing Poultry Management: The Role of Smart RFID Chicken Leg Tags

Poultry farming has seen meteoric changes with the advent of smart RFID chicken leg tags. This innovative tag revolutionizes the way traditional practices are carried out, facilitating effective monitoring and tracking of individual poultry birds...
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cainiao supp chain

Cainiao Launches Self-operated Express "Cainiao Express", is the RFID Tag on the Express Package in Sight?

On June 28, at the 2023 Global Smart Logistics Summit, Wan Lin, CEO of Cainiao Group, stated that he will launch a self-operated high-quality express delivery service "Cainiao Express"...
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rfid chip types

Several RFID Chip Types Commonly used in RFID High Frequency

The RFID chip is the main component of the electronic tag and is the core of the entire RFID system. The basic structure of the tag chip generally includes modules such as RF front-end, analog front-end...
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rfid new

Automating with RFID and Blockchain

In today's digital age, automation plays a crucial role in driving efficiency and fostering innovation. Among the technologies leading this transformation, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and blockchain stand at the forefront...
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medical tags

Medical RFID Tags can be Used in Breast Cancer Treatment, Can you Believe it?

Locating axillary lymph nodes using radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags is a safe and feasible treatment for breast cancer, a British scholar wrote in an article published in Clinical Radiology....
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rfid platform

Is the RFID Equipment Non-invasive Blood Glucose Meter Really Here?

According to statistics, there are currently 537 million people with diabetes in the world. For these patients who need regular monitoring of blood sugar levels, there are limited conditions for home blood sugar testing, which means that most people can...
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