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nfc on mobile phone

Easily Understanding NFC Tag Detected: Applications and Operating Conditions in Mobile Phones

The term "NFC tag detected" has become increasingly common in our technologically advanced world. But what exactly does it mean? NFC, or Near Field Communication...
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what is nfc title

What is NFC(Near Field Communication): Simple and Versatile Technology

In our tech-driven world, NFC (Near Field Communication) has become an increasingly common term. But what exactly is NFC, and how does it impact our lives? This article aims to provide a simple yet comprehensive understanding of NFC technology...
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RIFD bingo ball title

PCSO Officially Announces Use of RFID Bingo Balls for Sweepstakes; One Lucky Winner Wins P49.5 Million Jackpot

The Philippine charity lottery PCSO recently announced that it has officially adopted RFID technology to better manage the balls used in its lottery draws....
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desfire card title

Why do You need a Card Holder for Your Desfire Card?(The Custom Card set Process is Attached at the End)

Have you ever wondered why a smart card like the Desfire card needs a custom-made holder for it? Perhaps you are already familiar with this highly secure...
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key card title

It is not Only the ‘Key Card’ that can Open the Tesla Car, but also the Ring Key.

A couple in the United States have designed a ring with an RFID chip embedded in a Tesla Model 3 key fob that can open the car's door. Although people think that making a wearable "ring key" may be complicated, the owner said that it is actually quite simple....
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houw to distinguish real nfc juice

Is NFC Juice the Same as NFC Technology?

NFC juice is the latest drink concept. The juice is rich in vitamin C and nutrients, which can bring great benefits to the human body. Compared with high-sugar drinks such as carbonated drinks, tea drinks, and protein drinks, fruit and vegetable juice...
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