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amiibo cards title

How to Make NFC Amiibo Cards: A Step-by-Step Guide

NFC Amiibo cards are a fantastic way to enhance your gaming experience and unlock exclusive content. Don't worry if you're new to the world of NFC Amiibo cards; we've got you covered.
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nfc sticker title

Make Your Furniture Smarter with NFC Stickers

Smart furniture sounds like a very expensive product, but if you can make some "smart" furniture by yourself, won't it save a lot of costs? Today, when everyone has a mobile phone, it has become very popular to use NFC stickers to DIY and...
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rfid bastille

It’s Time to Join the RFID Camp – Bastille and Avery Dennison Partner

The word "perfume" originated from the Latin "Parfumare" (penetrating smoke). After the ancients learned to use fire, they believed that the smoke emitted when objects burned was the connection between the earth and the gods. ...
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the 19th Asian Games title

The Key Role of NFC Bracelets in Major Sports Events

Among them, there is an eye-catching technological product that has attracted much attention - NFC bracelet. Although electronic tickets were dominated during the Asian Games, NFC Bracelets still play a key role in sports. We can see it on the wrists of ...
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rfid tag library

Use RFID Library Tags to Increase the Efficiency of Your Book Organization

Using RFID library tags for library management has become a popular way. With the popularization of library management informatization, how to realize the intelligent borrowing and returning of books quickly and reliably, quick inventory, search, and sorting of disorderly...
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metal card title

Are Metal Business Cards Worth it?

Metal business cards sound like a business card that is not worth promoting. It is expensive and can carry very little information. But now it's time to change this bias, especially when facing the customers you want to win most. A Metal business card can earn you a lot of points....
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