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avery dennison

Avery Dennison Smartrac Launches Super Small RFID Tag

Avery Dennison Smartrac has launched the AD Minidose U9 RAIN RFID label for pharmaceutical applications which is a super small RFID tag. releasing critical RFID value for healthcare, pharmacy, and laboratory asset management...
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gift card market in china

Customized Gift Cards Cannot be Settled? Carrefour Stores Appear to be in Crisis

Recently, there is a rumor in the Chinese market that the chain of Carrefour "customized gift cards cannot be settled", and residents in many places report that Carrefour's gift card consumption is limited, and some shelves are...
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uhf tag manufacturer

Avery Dennison Smartrac Set up the Largest UHF RFID Factory in Mexico

Avery Dennison Smartrac is building a new UHF RFID factory in Queretaro , Mexico's fastest-growing city, to expand its production capacity. The city's economy is centered around IT, manufacturing, and data centers...
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nfc glasses

Wearable Payment Devices are Coming Quietly?

Recently, foreign payment companies and fashion brands have produced a batch of wearable payment devices, which means that wireless payment is not limited to mobile phones, and there will be more and more....
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rfid tag vendor

Ossia has Announced a Partnership With Fujitsu And Marubun on The RFID ePaper Label Project

Recently, Ossia announced that it will establish a strategic tripartite partnership with Marubun and Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solutions (FSM) and launch a range of epaper RFID label....
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qr card

SMART Health Card Has Quietly Emerged in The United States

To date, about 200 million people in the United States may now have received a Covid-19 digital vaccine card. The digital pass, known as the SMART Health Card, is voluntary and designed as very simple to protect personal information. It has a...
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