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rfid uniqlo

Walmart and Uniqlo use RFID Technology to Test on-the-go Checkout Function

Customers who are tired of packing their own items will not even have to resort to a traditional cashier in the future, thanks to RFID technology, which allows customers to pay while shopping without going through a cashier or using a self-service checkout machine:..
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nfc title

Apple may relax NFC restrictions in Europe

Apple is reportedly preparing to relax restrictions on NFC in Europe in order to avoid hefty fines. Apple has offered to let rivals use its "Pump" mobile payment system for mobile wallets, according to a report from Reuters...
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MIFARE DESFire title

MIFARE DESFire, DESFire EV1, EV2, and EV3: Understanding the Differences and Choosing the Ideal Card

By understanding the differences between these card variants, you can select the most suitable option for your specific needs. As a reliable manufacturer...
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gift card scratch

How to Scratch a Gift Card for Exciting Surprises?

we will guide you through the process of scratching a gift card to reveal exciting surprises, while also exploring how businesses can leverage this strategy to boost profits. At Newbega, we not only offer excellent freight logistics capabilities for quick delivery but also provide...
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rfid blocking title

The Ultimate Guide to RFID Blocking Wallets: FAQs Answered

In this comprehensive guide, we will address common questions such as whether RFID wallets can pass through airport security, if they can damage cards, and what exactly RFID blocking wallets do. Plus, we’ll introduce you to Newbega, where you can find the best RFID...
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forcesticker title

There is a new breakthrough in RFID+ sensors: the University of California developed “ForceSticker”

ForceSticker was developed from the integration of two main components: a tiny capacitor just a few millimeters thick and about the size of a grain of rice, and a commercially available...
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