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medical smart card

The Global Healthcare Market for Demand for Medical Smart Cards Will Exceed $14.8 billion

By 2028, the demand for Medical smart cards in the global healthcare market will exceed US $14.3 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 45.82%The prospect of Medical smart cards in the healthcare market is expected to be positive in the coming years...
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smart chip

The French chip Smart Card Giant Reveals American Hegemony in Technology

Recently, In his new book, the chip trap, Marc Lassus, chief founder of French chip smart card maker Gemplus, chose to bluntly reveal how U. S. security services persecuted him and seized control of his technology and the company...
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steel card

TapOnn The Goal is to Replace Paper Business Cards with NFC Steel Card

TapOnn company recently announced its development goals, which plans to replace paper business cards with nfc steel card and coins. Co-founder Dhruv Jolly said: " Effective social networks don't appear because there is no effective way to connect or...
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miss world

The UAE Miss World Pageant Has Boosted Event Ticket Sales

The surge in the number of global regional conferences, exhibitions and events arranged by various countries after the pandemic, and the lack of event ticket supply is another major factor driving the expansion of industry players...
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project unlock

Lowe's Uses Custom RFID Chip and Blockchain to Combat Retail Theft

Lowe's has launched a new solution developed by its innovative lab division designed to combat retail theft invisible to customers by using custom rfid chip and blockchain. The new technology, called Project Unlock...
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W & O Supply Ship RFID Cable Tie Valve Management Service

Recently, one company is set to launch a new service using RFID cable tie tag. W & O Supply, the world's leading maritime supplier of valves, drives, pipelines and accessories, will launch a digital valve management service to manage important valves..
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