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2023 Foreign Gift Cards, What are Special Gift Cards For?

In Europe and the United States, there are many other payment methods besides cash payment, such as online shopping. Today, it has become quite convenient to buy things at Amazon, which offers a variety of payment methods...
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community musician

In the Music Market, NFC Music Cards are Quietly Popular

In China, NFC music cards are quietly becoming popular. With this card, people can play the music directly in the form of "card", and this ritual operation is loved by young people. It is based on a 2017 card board game, Dropmix...
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police smart card

The NFC Police Smart Card Trial in the United States Allows Citizens to Verify Police Information

According to reports, Alpharetta has become the first police department in the country to start using the new police smart card platform, which aims to provide citizens with an easier and more verifiable way to access police information...
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customized nfc products

In the Post-epidemic Era, Customized NFC Products War Began Again

Today, with the impact of COVID-19, contactless payments are becoming more popular. In addition, NFC plays a crucial role in more fields, including wearables, security verification, and logistics....
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holiday paper card

Holiday Paper Cards No Longer Have Bright Powder!

British retailer Marks & Spencer will ban the use of bright powder for Christmas cards(holiday paper cards), Christmas cannons, wrapping paper and calendars to reduce small plastic particlet...
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metro smart card

Delhi Metro will Launch a Program to Recharge its Metro Smart Cards

Delhi Metro Will soon launch an app that allows commuters to order a variety of items and book a range of services. They include, but are not limited to, subway metro smart card recharge, item purchases, and quick payment...
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