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rfid lab

The University of Auburn RFID Lab Opens the Aerospace Division

To meet the growing demand of various industries to support RFID technology, the Auburn University Rfid lab has opened a new Aviation and Aerospace division. According to Auburn, the goal is to serve customers of commercial airlines and...
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card free

"Card-free" Era has Come, Smart Card Factory Why not Nervous?

In recent years, an obvious phenomenon is that when the mobile phone has the NFC function, the market space of the transportation card has been greatly squeezed. With the gradual popularization of the scanning...
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eco friendly card

Eco Friendly Cards will Become the New Trend of Future Cards!

Environmental protection is a hot topic in the world today, and most manufacturers will also look for some environmental protection materials for production, the degradability of PLA is fully in line with the environmental protection requirements of products...
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compute card

Intel's Smart Card is a Small Compute Card That can Fit Into a Wallet

Computers are nothing new to most people these days, from PCs to laptops to tablets and even mini tablets, computers are becoming smaller, but even so, you probably haven’t seen a computer that....
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clothing label maker

What Changes Can a Clothing Label Bring to the Fashion Industry?

China's local clothing group Daily Fashion has recently put new tags on their clothes, which are three or four times more expensive, but they think they are an "environmentally friendly" business. The key lies in the RFID tag hidden on the tag....
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nfc payment

The UK has Launched QR code and NFC Payment Donation in Bars

November 11 is poppy Day, also called Armistice Day. It is a very important moment for the Royal British Legion. Usually at this time, the Royal Legion will sell handmade poppies to raise money for veterans...
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