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contactless ordering

RFID New Dynamic and Contactless ordering, A Card Can be Consumed in the Shopping Mall

Contactless ordering and payment platform GoTab is offering HF RFID-based solutions that allow customers of restaurants and other businesses to pay with a card or wristband.Using this solution, users can link their payment information to...
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car labels

High-tech Materials Company Chasm: Car Labels May be Transparent

Several manufacturers of IoT-based antennas are developing products using Chasm, a new nearly transparent material that enables IoT or radio-frequency identification sensors and tags to be used in places where traditional antennas have traditionally caused visual disruption...
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rfid chip

Macau Casinos Use AI and RFID Casino Chips to Analyze Gambler Psychology

In the past, casinos would use surveillance systems to monitor blacklisted professional gamblers; now, casinos have also begun to use high-tech systems for precise marketing. As one of the largest casinos in Asia....
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rfid solutions

The RFID Solutions may Reduce Checkout Times by 50%

Retail RFID solutions company Nedap has released a POS reader that works with the company's ID Cloud EAS solution, which is easy to deploy and use, whether or not integrated with the store's POS management software....
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advantages of rfid

Advantages of RFID, Capacity has been Upgraded Again

After the epidemic, all industries need to be developed. The introduction of RFID technology can greatly solve the problem of a work shortage after the epidemic and spread branches in retail, clothing, industrial manufacturing, and other industries....
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rfid solution

RFID Solution Makes the Sale of Glasses Frame More Advantageous

Several years after releasing an RFID solution to help optometrists manage their store's glasses frame, Frame Source Group has released a new version of the system, which can more effectively order frames with lenses and ensure that the display...
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