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new rfid technology

Airland Uses the New RFID Technology to Protect the Copyright

Many brands in various industries have been fighting counterfeit and inferior products with all their strength. However, this problem does not seem to be fundamentally resolved. On the contrary, all kinds of counterfeit and shoddy products emerge in...
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rfid report

Leading UK Companies Have Released the RFID Report of Future Market

Recently, the well-known British company IDTechEx released a comprehensive RFID report, comprehensively analyzing the RFID industry, covering low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), ultra high frequency (UHF) passive RFID, battery-assisted passive...
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Semnox Solutions Receives US Patent for RFID Roaming Tag

Semnox Solutions, a provider of overall technology solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry, has recently obtained a US patent for its RFID tag roaming solution. With this solution, Semnox hopes to improve the customer experience for operators of venues...
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How to Use NFC Chip Card or Technology to Stop Hacking?

At the end of 2013, the American retail giant Target was hacked, 70 million user personal information and 40 million credit card data were stolen, involving private data such as user names, phone numbers and information card information. Target's losses are...
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rfid solution

Walmart RFID technology plays a pivotal role in store automation services

New technologies like AI and AR have been advancing the global automation development since the turn of the century, making digitization and intelligence a key focus of retail companies. Through technological empowerment...
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customer operations

How RFID is Powering Perry Ellis' Customer Operations?

As the retail industry has learned over the past three plus years, maintaining a strong supply chain is risky. Retailers need to ensure shoppers can always get the products they want, where they want them, or they risk losing loyalty...
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